A shocking announcement was sent out by the WWE over the weekend when they let the world know that they have released Austin Aries from his WWE contract. A second update came on Sunday night when sources say that the release was due to the poor attitude of Aries backstage concerning his placement on the 205 Live WWE Network show instead of on the main brand where he could work in major angles.

Austin Aries happy about WWE release

Austin Aries made sure the world knew that he was happy about the release when he took to Twitter the same day to saw that it was a beautiful day.

Some fans incorrectly assumed that meant that Austin had asked for his WWE release and was granted it.

However, that turned out to not be the case. While Austin Aries did not ask for his release, the fact that the WWE chose to do it on their own means things have actually worked out better for Aries. See, the former Impact Wrestling world champion was under a three-year contract with the company. If he had asked for his release, the WWE could have held him to the contract until 2019. Since the WWE released him on their own, he can join any other company after his 90-day non-compete clause ends in October.

Aries' problems in the WWE

According to reports, there were a number of problems that Austin Aries had with the WWE. Most of it comes with how they portrayed him. He made his debut in NXT and did very little there. As a matter of fact, he lost a lot of time due to an eye injury suffered thanks to a Shinsuke Nakamura kick to the face.

Instead of coming back to NXT, the WWE brought him up to the main roster and had him start working as an announcer for 205 Live. Austin Aries was great in that role, bringing his natural arrogance and swagger to the job. When Aries was cleared to return, he immediately started feuding with Neville.

That resulted in a pre-show Cruiserweight Championship match against Neville at WrestleMania 33.

Aries lost the match but trouble arose from that match. Since the WWE put it on the pre-show and not the main show, they also left it off the DVD release of the event. That meant that Neville and Austin Aries did not make any royalty money due to the snub.

Austin Aries started to sour on his time in the WWE. He missed some time after WrestleMania 33 to what was reported to be an injury and recently made his return. He was supposed to wrestle at Madison Square Garden over the weekend but was replaced in the match and his release was announced.