WWE 2K18 will be the latest addition to the wrestling game franchise built by WWE and 2K Games. Kurt Angle and Seth Rollins are already announced by 2K Games as key characters in this edition. With The Undertaker's retirement still fresh in the memory, that could also be a relevant addition that can help increase the sales of the game. Even though the release is three months away, there is a lot of buzz for the game.

Updated features

2K Games has released some more details on WWE 2K18's feature set. The new game will have some brand new features.

2K18's Creation Suite is set to get even deeper, with a brand new "Create-a-Match" feature. There are improvements to "Create a Superstar", "Create a Video" and "Create an Arena." The "My Player" category will also be updated by introducing new fighting styles.

The "My Career" category will incorporate a brand new story and a free-roaming backstage area. This will help players to control the narrative by engaging with other superstars. The game will also feature a revamped graphics engine and a host of gameplay tweaks. Also, there will be a new commentary team of Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves. The next trailer for 2K18 is set to release on July 10, so we might be able to find out more.

Storyline of cover star "Seth Rollins"

Seth Rollins becomes the successor of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar, as he features as the cover star of WWE 2K18 game. According to a report in WWE's corporate website, Seth Rollins said, "As the WWE 2K18 cover Superstar and franchise ambassador, it is my incredible honor and mission to ensure this game will truly BE LIKE NO ONE -- a calling card perfect for everything I stand for -- as it sets forth on its own unique path"

After watching the trailer and seeing the cover, it seems as if the game's main story could possibly focus on Seth Rollins' rise to the main-event picture.

However, Rollins has also said in interviews that the trailer actually describes the idea of wrestlers like him being very different than the heroes of the past and that will likely play into the "Create a Superstar" mode as well as the new career mode.

In the previous version of WWE 2K series (WWE 2K17), Goldberg's character was the pre-order bonus and the cover superstar was Brock Lesnar.

Later that year, a TV storyline was also built between the two. Therefore, it wouldn't be too silly to say that the same could happen for Kurt Angle and Seth Rollins. Hence, we may have a huge match coming up later this year in the form of "Angle Vs. Rollins" in real life. WWE 2K18's release date is set to be October 17.