When Spider-Man returned to Marvel, it ended up as a huge moment that concluded in the fantastic "Spider-Man: Homecoming" movie. However, before that film came out, Sony made a puzzling announcement. While still partners on the Spider-Man franchise with Marvel, it is Marvel who is making the Spider-Man movies. Despite this, Sony said they are making Spider-Man spin-off movies, including one based around female heroes in his world and another based on the antihero Venom.

Who will Venom fight?

When movie fans last saw Venom, it was the third movie in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy and Venom was the character that helped push Raimi away from the franchise that he loved.

Raimi didn't want to use Venom but Sony forced it upon him. As a result, the villain as portrayed by Topher Grace was the worst part of the movie. Now, Sony is rebooting Venom along with the entire Spider-Man universe.

While Marvel is controlling Spider-Man, Sony said they will still make movies based on his supporting cast. The Venom movie has been hinted at for a long time and now they are moving forward with Tom Hardy (who played Bane in the Christopher Nolan Batman movies) as Venom. Hardy will play Eddie Brock and will be more of an antihero than the villain he was before.

Fans of the comics know that Venom was a protector of the helpless - specifically homeless people who found themselves as prey to those who could hurt them.

While the creature hated Spider-Man and wanted to destroy him, that was the only thing that made it a villain.

The Hashtag Show reported that there will be another symbiote in the Venom movie as well.

Could it be Carnage?

To catch people up to date, the symbiote is an alien creature. It attached itself to Peter Parker and controlled him for awhile until he realized what was happening and got rid of it.

The alien escaped and latched onto Eddie Brock - someone who hated Peter Parker for ruining his career after he was caught lying. That meant the symbiote and its host both hated Spider-Man.

However, Venom was not completely evil. One man who was evil was Cletus Kasady, an inmate on death row who was a sociopath and a mass murderer.

He met Eddie Brock while the two were in prison and when Venom came to rescue Brock, a second symbiote attached itself to Kasady. While Eddie is not a killer, Casady is and that makes Carnage a very powerful and deadly villain.

The report also indicates that a third person might get a symbiote attached to them in the movie as well. This would be the wife of Eddie Brock - Anne Weying. In the comics, when she is paralyzed by the Sin Eater, the symbiote saves her and she become a female Venom.