Carmelo Anthony is one of the highly noted offensive talents in the league. He can do everything on the floor, being able to shoot mid-range jumpers, shoot from the three, and rebound effectively. Melo is also a better passer than people think, and he seems to be under-appreciated in the NBA because of the team that he plays for, the New York Knicks.

In this year's NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers fell short against the Golden State Warriors -- losing 4 to 1 in the series. It was not a big surprise that they lost this year because of the powerhouse team that the Warriors had.

There were many reasons why they were going to win and many pegged them as the favorite once Kevin Durant joined their squad.

The question is if Carmelo Anthony should join the Cavaliers. With no hesitation, he should, although he could go to other teams. Would he be able to lift the Cavaliers over the Warriors next year? Well, being the offensive talent that he is, he could be the player that the Cavs need.

Carmelo Anthony to the Cavaliers?

If Carmelo was on the Cavaliers, he would fit right in. He also has another player on the team that he used to play with in streaky shooter J.R. Smith. With Anthony on the team, the Cavs may be able to outscore the Warriors. If they cannot beat the Warriors, it would surely be a close series and one that could take 6 to 7 games in my opinion.

Carmelo Anthony is a dangerous offensive player, he can do a lot on the floor. The one problem with him is his defense, but he could play better on the defensive end with LeBron James and a much better team than the Knicks. Melo seems to not try on the defensive side of the ball because he is on a lackluster team with no great players.

Kevin Love is a great player, but it is easy to see that Carmelo Anthony would be a better player than Love was. Love was inconsistent at times as well. Anthony would not be shooting poorly, he is a better offensive player than Love, and he can rebound the ball just as well as Love.

Anthony's other options

It is safe to say that he should think about leaving and going to another team.

It is obvious that he loves New York and wants to win there, but from the look of it, it will not be happening any time soon. Anthony is 33 years of age and running out of time. Anthony has other options as well. He could go to the Boston Celtics where he could compete for a championship, or go to the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers would also be a great fit for him. He would be playing with supreme players in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, if they do not leave the organization.

Is Anthony the player that the Cavs need?

Carmelo Anthony should be looking to go to another team to compete for a championship. The Knicks have had disastrous seasons and they have not been able to help Carmelo out.

It is easy to see that he is not the problem and that he has been unfairly criticized a lot in the Big Apple. He does not owe the team anything. If he wants to get into the playoffs and win his first ring, the Cavaliers may be his best option, as they are already ready-made for another NBA Finals appearance next year.