There has been a lot of drama in the "Big Apple," specifically within the New York Knicks organization. The team can not seem to get out of its spiraling turn. The New York Knicks are still trying to figure everything out and are still rebuilding. It is evident that the team will struggle for a couple of years with what they have and are presently at now. It could take years for them to even make the playoffs. They are not in a good spot currently and have even opened up more gossip in the media about the possibility of trading away star Kristaps Porzingis.

Will he remain a Knick?

Kristaps Porzingis to be traded?

The Knicks have opened up discussion about trading away 7'3 Latvian star Kristaps Porzingis. It would be absurd if they pulled through with it. The young star has done a lot for the team. It is highly likely that he will not be traded.

It is evident that a number of teams would be interested in acquiring big man Porzingis. The list goes on and on. He could be a big boost for many teams as he is a shot blocker and can shoot around the perimeter. His nickname has been known to be the Unicorn for his special abilities and defying what a 7 footer can do in the NBA. Kristaps has also emerged into a good three point shooter and he continues to get better each year.

He also brings youth being only 21 years old and energy to the team with his presence.

An article by Athlete_Vidz on Victory News shared a photo of Porzingis having a good sense of humor and seems to have replied on his Instagram with a selfie with a "fr," in the middle of the picture to indicate for real.

It is not the first time that he has ridiculed or joked about the organization. Porzingis clearly sees his own worth and knows that the team would be foolish to trade him.

Phil Jackson is ruining the team

The prominent phil jackson has undeniably made the team a lot worse and has wrought a lot of drama on the organization. Fans and the media know that he wants Melo out of New York.

He is also known to have signed Joakim Noah to a huge overpriced contract when he has not played well for the team. Jackson got rid of good players in Robin Lopez, Jackson took a lot of risks that did not pay off in the long run. He made other mistakes in signing Derrick Rose, who will also most likely be gone before the next season.

Justin Holiday was a nice bench player for the Knicks with his three point shooting. Although, Courtney Lee showed some flashes of athleticism and good play. Guillermo Hernangomez was also a good player that was drafted who can score in the post and rebound effectively.

It has been shown that Jackson has not been able to keep Porzingis happy with the organization.

He was unpleased with the fact of the organization speaking badly about Anthony and did not agree with the team wanting him to go.

The Carmelo Anthony dilemma

Carmelo Anthony is another star who has the possibility of being traded away or leaving on his own terms in the offseason. It is highly likely that he will leave the team after trying to win on the team for so many years and having done so much for the organization. It is more likely that Anthony is traded or leaves the team, then it is for Porzingis.

Anthony played so well last year and it is a shame to see he is undervalued on the team. Granted, he should leave the team and go chase a ring on another championship level team. He deserves better as an amazing superstar and great offensive weapon.

The Los Angeles Clippers would be a great fit for him. But other teams would want him as well. Knick fans can hope that the team does not trade away Porzingis. With Carmelo surely out and then Porzingis, the Knicks will not have anything to work with at all. Trading away the Unicorn would be another disastrous turn for the Knicks.