The Cleveland Cavaliers have been quiet this summer though most were expecting some additions to the Eastern Conference powerhouse ballclub. Kevin Love has been mentioned in trade rumors but this one involving Kyrie Irving took the basketball world by surprise.

As most may have probably heard by now, “Uncle Drew” has reportedly requested to be traded. It was first reported by ESPN and the word out is that Irving prefers to be the focal point of any team’s offense.

Is James hogging the spotlight?

Apparently, Irving has taken a backseat to James ever since the 32-year-old returned to Cleveland.

Though James can bat that he is doing more than scoring, things have apparently changed since the gathering of the Cavs version of the “Big Three.”

Irving has had his share of moments which James doesn’t seem to mind. However, the 25-year-old wants it to be a regular thing and no longer wants to play second fiddle. Would this sound selfish?

Depending on how one looks at it, such certainly look so. Irving has already experienced winning an NBA title and the only thing he may be looking for is quarterbacking any team and gaining credit for it.

When the Cavs won the NBA title in 2016, Irving was credited alongside James and company. In general, however, a large chunk of it went James’ way but with good reason.

He was unstoppable though Irving and crew also did their part to support the all-star forward.

Overcrowded Cleveland

Irving joined the Cavs in 2011, someone who took up the cudgels from James who left for Miami. While the fortunes of the Cavaliers pales to where they are now, the fact here is that Irving was the superstar most knew.

When James returned, all that changed. Though he is still considered a star, it meant adjusting plays to get everyone involved. Irving did not mention it but the shift in attention may have affected him mentally.

From hindsight, all of this seems foolish to ponder. Irving could be targeting single awards since he already has what any NBA player dreams of – an NBA title.

The word out is that Irving is seeking a trade to the New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat or the Minnesota Timberwolves. Of the bunch, the Heat and Knicks are looming as plausible trade partners for the Cavs.

The Heat are flexible while the Knicks can finally resolve the Carmelo Anthony issue. However, doing so leaves a big hole at the point guard position unless the Cavs can wheel and deal with other teams as well.

The Cavs are in quite a mess right now with most people surprised. Rather than regroup and rebuild, James and company may find themselves in worse shape than they were last season.