Three weeks from now, the great Swiss Roger Federer will turn 36 years of age. It's fair to say that he made himself a hasty present by winning Wimbledon for the eighth time in his career. That success and the media stir that followed place Federer at the center of the universe. Over and over, he somehow finds the strings to get himself the brightest spot to perform. He's a complete athlete and one of those making sports an addictive habit for many. His great deal of success, especially throughout this season, apparently came out of nowhere as he previously had a horror year back in 201 struggling with a bad knee that forced him to take that already famous 6-months-sabbatical.

Federer is a unique character

After spending almost two decades out there on the ATP Tour roaming all over the world, Roger Federer hasn't hit the finish line yet, that point where the motivation vanishes away little by little and Tennis is no longer the first priority. None of this has happened yet even though the Swiss champion went through numerous not-so-bright moments. With two brand new Grand Slams on his pocket his season, he basically augments his own legend and ultimately his legacy.

There are numerous factors that made Federer's the great player he is now. But, first of all, he loves competition and the idea to troubleshoot his own game whenever he has the opportunity. And secondly, he has always been a respectful guy with all his opponents.

And that tennis should be about, a sports where the nobility prevails and the hardness of contest bears a coat of gentility. Among the players of his generation and beyond, Roger Federer is the only one who came close to that description of how tennis should be.

Retirement thoughts suffering a plot twist

Twelve months ago, when Federer decided to take that extended break there was a legitimate fear that his career as a professional tennis player might have come to an end.

And the arguments were quite solid with his lack of success in Grand Slam and the injury scare on top. But, a great story deserves a proper end or an unexpected plot twist.Somehow, the stars aligned making Roger Federer relevant once more. In 2017, he has gathered five ATP titles and the world no. 1 spot is now within range.

An already exceptional season could go down with even more greatness in it. It all depends on how Federer will tackle the North American hard court swing. There are people already dreaming about him winning his sixth US Open and the 20th Grand Slam overall.

At the beginning of the season, he saw his ranking plunging to the 17th spot. Now, he is ranked third in the ATP ranking having so much potential to grow.