When you take a look at the ATP professional tennis circuit's history, it's easy to notice that Andy Murray has been a constant holder of a top spot in the ranking and a guy who put in tremendous amounts of work to fulfill his dreams. At 30 years of age, he is the current world leader despite having some health problems lately. That and the apparent lack of motivation brought him a darker spot, a place where hard choices must be taken. Sometimes, a player reaches a sense of self-sufficiency and it's quite hard to get over it. For Murray, that was when he reached the world no.

1 spot in the closing stages of last year. Now, he must find a way to solve the health-issue-puzzle and as well as the motivational dilemma.

Hard work is what compensates his lack of masterly feel

Among the dominant characters of men's tennis, Andy Murray may seem a curiosity for a neophyte. His figures are lower compared to those of Federer, Nadal or Djokovic. Even so, he earned the spot receiving a Big Four full-time membership. It's that hard work that put him in that particular slot. For years, he had to learn how to live in the shadow of his rivals waiting and waiting for an opportunity to occur.

Just take a look at how many Grand Slam finals he lost throughout his career. Overall, Murray made an appearance in 11 Grand Slam finals losing eight of them.

His most successful area was at Wimbledon while the other Major success occurred at the US Open (2012 edition). A defeat has never been easy to swallow, that's a general truth but the current world no. 1 always found a way to bounce back in the light.

Another chapter will begin soon

As things stand at the time being, it seems Andy Murray will lose the world no.

1 spot by the end of the season mostly because of those few thousands of points he has to defend. With Federer and Nadal gathering momentum and only a few things to worry about, Murray will see his reign going to.

But, as always, the brave British player will try to bounce back. Back in 2013, 2014 he went through another difficult time suffering a back surgery that hampered his progress.

Eventually, he managed to step up even stronger. Murray remains one of those guys that must compensate their skills with power and hard work no matter the circumstances. Last year's second part saw Murray signing up for a marathon especially after the US Open. It's that part of the season when all players must watch for injury or burnouts due to the extended effort. For Murray, it was just a big opportunity to race past Djokovic in the Emirates rankings which he did.

Whether that hip injury may bring at the table, Andy Murray will keep his head above the water. At 30 years of age, he has a plenty of time to do even more great things as a professional athlete.