There are only a few days left until Wimbledon, where many ATP stars (The Association of Tennis Professionals) will try to find the perfect balance on grass. Having only two events this week as a warm-up for the third Major of the season, everyone now has their sights set on Wimbledon.

The list containing the seeded players is already out for scrutiny, and it puts Roger Federer in the third slot. It's a fortunate outcome for the 35-year-old who is now sure that he won't cross paths with other Big Four member in the early stages. Actually, he and his fellow compatriot Stan Wawrinka swapped places due to Wawrinka's lack of a positive record on the grass court.

The hesitation part is fading away

Stepping aside during the entire clay court swing, Roger Federer made a dangerous bet with himself. After more than two months outside the competitive area, even for a great player like him, it was hard to regain that sense of confidence while on the tennis court.

Losing at his comeback match in Stuttgart a few weeks ago seemed to go down as a glitch of the mechanism. But, as always, he bounced back last week when Federer was quite dominant in Halle where he ended up with another title under his belt, the ninth in Halle and the fourth of 2017.

Winning that title was good for the morale side but the biggest win of last week is that he was able to put together several wins in a row getting a proper sense of his grass court delivery.

The cherry on top was his tremendous output of tennis in the final against Alexander Zverev as the young German hope has no answer in that match.

There are certain things that can take a player to the highest ground especially at Grand Slams and one of the axioms is that a player should gradually elevate his level so that he would reach the peak during the second week of a Grand Slam.

So far, Federer is pretty much on the right path.

Wimbledon draw will emerge on Friday

On Friday, the main draw of Wimbledon is set to emerge, and there is no doubt that the upcoming weekend will include some lively debates and arguments once the path of the main favorites will unfold. Outside the top four, few names might put Federer in a precarious position throughout the event.

Zverev, Dominic Thiem or Milos Raonic are on the short list.

Raonic is the runner-up of last year's edition, and despite having some issues lately, he is a player to avoid on a fast surface like grass. Now that he seems to have regained the lost mojo, Roger Federer can hope for the best and why not an eighth Wimbledon title may land on his pocket soon.