When the final story of the 2018 class of the Nebraska football team is written one player is going to be at the center of the tale. Brendan Radley-Hiles (otherwise known as Bookie) might end up being the biggest get of the last few years when the smoke clears. That's not only because the defensive back recruit is incredibly talented, but because he is someone who has shown a devotion to the Huskers since before he even committed to the school.

Nebraska football had a high school recruiting working overtime in Bookie

There was a time when Bookie was teasing Nebraska football fans with an announcement that had nothing to do with where he was going to school.

That tease turned into yet another commitment for the 2018 class. It was pretty clear when the smoke had cleared that Bookie had been talking to other players around the country. It was also clear that he had been doing more than just talking

Radley-Hiles had been making a sales job of the Nebraska football team. That sales job is still ongoing, even if it isn't leading to specific commitments right this minute. He has been one of those players who wants everyone who is worth it, to come with him. Bookie seems to be seeing the Husker football team as a place where everyone should want to come and play.

Bookie's recruiting of other players is far from the only impact the player is going to have on the Nebraska football team when all is said and done.

Bookie rising in the ranks of stud players for the Nebraska football team

By all accounts, Bookie is a good guy who has his head in the right place. He also appears to be one heck of an athlete. Radley-Hiles was one of the better players to make an appearance at The Opening. The Opening is one of the premiere recruiting camps of the summer which showcased more than a few of the country's best players.

Bookie took the cake when it came to the players that really got some mention.

"No one makes more plays in the secondary than Bookie and his football IQ and instincts are about as good as we've seen from a defensive back in a long time," Scout analyst Greg Biggins said about Radley-Hiles according to the Omaha World Herald.

The scout went on to talk about how Bookie is a tireless worker who also has a ton of talent and potential. This kind of talk is why Bookie is staring at getting a fifth star if everything goes right. Should he get that fifth star, it would be the first Nebraska football commit to do it since 2011.