While the Chicago Cubs have acquired Jose Quintana in order to bolster their starting pitching, the team doesn't appear to be done dealing. Rumors have been connecting the team and a massive number of players that may or may not be available at the deadline. The latest rumors have the Texas Rangers being a potential trade target, though it's not clear just wh the player target the Cubs are looking at might be. Reports indicate that Rangers scouts have been checking out Chicago's farm system, meaning there has at least been a few talks, now we just need to figure out if Theo Epstein and company are looking for another pitcher, or if they're going to shore up their catcher position.

Perhaps it's even both.

The Chicago Cubs and the potential for Yu Darvish

It appears as though starting pitcher Yu Darvish, one of the best in the game when he's healthy is going to be on the market. The big question is whether or not the Chicago Cubs will be able to offer up enough for the Rangers to want to make a deal for the former team ace. There is little doubt Texas would love to be able to find a team that could give them enough in the farm system to make a deal worthwhile. The issue is whether Chicago has enough to pull it off.

Darvish has been having a great season, despite the fact that he's playing for a team that doesn't appear to be headed to the playoffs. The Japanese import has posted a 6-8 record and an ERA of just 3.44.

The earned run average especially is impressive when taking into account he's doing it in the American League. If there is one thing that should make all Cubs fans a bit nervous, it's the number of home runs he's given up in the last few outings. Still, most of those have been solo shots and he's still among the best of the best.

Jonathan Lucroy could be the true target of the Chicago Cubs

While the Texas Rangers are talking to teams about Darvish, it might be the catcher that the Chicago Cubs are showing the most interest in. There's very little doubt the Cubs badly want to get themselves a backup catcher for Willson Contreras. The young catcher is putting up a huge season but it's safe to worry about the potential of him wearing out as we get closer to the playoffs.

Once an offensive star for the Milwaukee Brewers, Lucroy has been having a rather up and down season. The bright side is his struggles this year could end up making the asking price that much lower. The big question now is whether or not the Chicago Cubs have the pieces to get either player from the Rangers.