Cleveland Cavaliers starting point guard Kyrie Irving recently demanded a trade from the team. The news has been the talk around the sports world since it became public. ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported Monday that the fifth year point guard was "ready to end his run" with the team.

They also reported that he has mentioned in a meeting with the Cavs, Irving mentioned teams like the Spurs, Timberwolves, Knicks, and the Miami Heat as the list of teams he has interest in being dealt to.

The Phoenix Suns have also been a team as of late that have reportedly had serious interest in trading for the former NBA champ.

The deal would likely have to include point guard Eric Bledsoe and another key player for the Suns.

Kyrie has been able to enjoy the luxury of playing in three consecutive NBA Finals since LeBron James decided to return just before the start of the 2014-15 season.

NBA Finals and history with the Cavs

Out of his three finals appearances, Irving was able to help the Cavs win one of those championships during the 2015-16 season. In that series against Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, Irving was able to put up impressive numbers against the reigning league MVP.

In game 7, Irving hit a well-contested three-point shot to seal the deal in the series.

However, this past season the Cavs lost in their third straight finals appearance at the hands of Golden State once again. Last off-season the Warriors added all-star forward Kevin Durant to their team that had already once defeated the Cavs without KD as a member.

The move proved to pay off for well for the Warriors as they easily defeated Cleveland in just five games and seemed to have too much firepower with the edition of Durant.

Time spent with LeBron

Kyrie has spent his entire career so far, playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers organization.

During the off-season of LeBron's return, Irving signed a 5-year extension to stay with the team and at the time seemed excited to be playing alongside James. LeBron was returning to the team after playing in four consecutive NBA Finals with the Miami Heat.

The experience and leadership that James had attained from taking his talents to South Beach were exactly what a young guard like Irving needed at the time. In his first three seasons, Kyrie struggled to lead the team on his own.

The Cavs did not make the playoffs in either of those seasons and he was arguably a B-list point guard that was mainly known for his ridiculous handle.

When "King James" arrived, it brought hope back to the city of Cleveland that Irving could not guarantee with his inexperience.

The two stars struggled to find a consistent chemistry in their first season together, which led to the media spreading Trade Rumors as the deadline approached that season.

However, after the All-star break, the big three of Love, Irving, and James were able to pull it together and still take home the No. 1 seed in the east.

Unfortunately, they lost in the NBA Finals to the Warriors in six games. That was just the beginning of what appears to now to have been three years of frustration from Irving behind the scenes.

Conflict with 'King James'

It has been rumored that "Uncle Drew" himself wants to leave the team for multiple reasons.

LeBron's contract is up next season, and it has been rumored that he will jump ship again and possibly go to the L.A. Lakers.

Due to his 2010 departure from Cleveland to Miami, it appears Irving is having a hard time trusting James to return and doesn't want to be left hanging.It has also been reported that Irving wants to lead his own team and has become tired of living in the shadow of LeBron.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith reported this week that someone from LeBron's camp told him that James said, "if Kyrie was in front of him right now he would "beat his a**."

LeBron then went to social media to deny the rumor that was spread by Smith by calling it "fake news."