Right after Kyrie Irving requested the Cleveland Cavaliers for a trade, many fans thought that LeBron James will follow the same path. It came as a surprise when the All-Star point guard asked the Cavs for a trade, LeBron and Irving have been a great pair and after Irving's request, the focus was shifted to LeBron assuming he will want out as well.

At this moment, LeBron will remain with the Cavs as he might leave the team only during the next NBA season. The NBA superstar will not waive his no-trade clause during the 2017-18 season. It appears that James will stick on with the Cavs with or without Kyrie Irving.

That said, Irving might be on his way to another team and James could remain.

LeBron James has the advantage of no-trade clause

Looking at LeBron's standpoint, he has an advantage with his no-trade clause. He could leave the Cavaliers in NBA free agency next season, or he could even choose to leave when he wants. Despite the inner confusion of Irving requesting a trade and modifications of the Cavs roster. It appears that James will remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers for now.

James is in the same situation as Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo has all the leverage with the New York Knicks with his no-trade clause. It all depends on James as he holds the key to his future. Reports state that LeBron James was the one who exposed Irving's interest in a trade.

Probably he did not like the idea of Irving leaving the Cavs.

Los Angeles Lakers still interested in acquiring LeBron?

The Los Angeles Lakers were keen in acquiring LeBron from the Cavs. James could have landed with the Lakers if he opted out of his deal with Cleveland. Looking at the way things are at this moment, James will not leave the Cavs for any team, and this also includes the Los Angeles Lakers despite their keen interest in a trade.

The Lakers might have to wait for the opportunity for getting a hold on James. There are chances that he could change his mind once the NBA trade deadline approaches. As of now, the Lakers have a team of young core players. They could remain on their course and hope that things favor them in the future. If the Lakers get an opportunity to acquire James, they could emerge as a stronger team with their your force.

Kyrie Irving has drawn the attention of many teams including the New Orleans Pelicans and the Minnesota Timberwolves. If things go well with Irving, he could soon be on his way from the Cavs as requested.