While many teams are still discussing trade deals, the Boston Celtics will stop at nothing to develop into a Super Team. The rumors are that the Celtics will make more moves even after trading Avery Bradley. The Celtics have been making unexpected changes such as letting go of Avery Bradley.

Bradley has been one of the top players for the Boston Celtics. Keeping him on the trading block has made most of the Boston fans upset. Along with Bradley was Marcus Smart and Jae Crowder. The only reason the Celtics made this move was to create the cap space for Gordon Hayward's contract.

The good news is that Hayward agreed to join the Celtics, but the price has been deeper than expected.

Boston will make more changes to their roster

Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, and Jae Crowder were all key players for the team. In fact, they transformed the team into contenders. Letting go of Bradley to the Detroit Pistons was unexpected, but the Celtics had acquired Marcus Morris in return. Morris is an incredible player and will fit perfectly with the team.

On the other hand, the Celtics are all set to make more changes to their roster, and it is going to happen this off-season. According to the Christian Post, Danny Ainge had confirmed that a new roster would soon be in place. Ainge has big plans for the team as he also signed up Aron Baynes to a one-year, $4.3-million deal.

That said, Baynes is one player who could focus on the rebounding unit.

Why did the Celtics let go of Avery Bradley?

As far as Bradley's dismissal from the Celtics, Ainge openly admitted that the Celtics have many superstars who could cover the role of playing shooting guard. Angie stated that the trade created opportunities for many young NBA superstars.

It served different purposes that the Boston Celtics need at the moment.

Bradley will certainly be missed by his teammates and mostly the Celtics fans. But the deal was a necessity for the team as they have acquired a solid player with great potential like Marcus Morris. Marcus is known for taking shots beyond the three-point line, and he is also capable of playing both forward positions.

That will help the team to cooperate and work together.

Danny Ainge has not revealed his exact plan for the team, but he certainly has something on his mind. The Boston Celtics have been trying to form a super team to sustain in the NBA league. With future trade opportunities soon there might be more changes to the Celtics.