Derrick Rose met with the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday, and now he is all set to meet with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose is a free agent in the NBA, and now is the time for him to settle with a team. Having options like the Lakers and Cavaliers is a good advantage, as he could choose from either of these teams.

Rumors state that Derrick is interested in the Cavs, as there have been serious talks about him signing up for a one-year deal. The deal is believed to be for a minimum of $2.1 million. That said, Rose will meet up with the Cavs officials at Ohio later on today.

Finding a team for his liking will not be an issue for Derrick since he has great potential as a player.

The Cavaliers have the ability to acquire Derrick Rose

With Kyrie Irving's request for a trade from Cleveland, this is a good chance for Rose to fill the spot. The Cavs might need some changes even after they let go of Irving, but it is not impossible. As for the Cavaliers, they were very much aware of Kyrie Irving's situation far before agreeing to talk with Rose. Irving's way out from the team could mean a chance for Rose to get in.

As soon as the news broke out about Irving's interest in a trade, many teams have approached the Cavs, including the New Orleans Pelicans and Minnesota Timberwolves.

However, they have still not received a good deal. Now that Derrick is interested, they might push for Irving's trade to acquire the free agent.

The Lakers might offer more than the Cavaliers

With $2.1 million on the table for a one-year contract with the Cavs, the Lakers might offer more to the former most valuable player and Rookie of the year.

Reports state that the Los Angeles Lakers are ready to offer an $4.3 million for Rose, which is more than what the Cavs are offering

The Lakers had a three-hour meeting with Rose, but there has been no news of him potentially joining the team. If Rose ends up with the Cavaliers, and Irving is gone, he would need to play a bigger role on the team.

During the 2016-17 NBA season, Derrick did not have a pleasant journey with the New York Knicks. He averaged 18.0 points for the past season, and he also went through a knee surgery back in April. It appears that the NBA star is all prepared for the upcoming season, and all he needs to do is be on the right team.

The Cavs seem to be offering something different for the 28-year-old player. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers are probably waiting for Rose to make a decision. At this moment, the Cavs and Lakers are the two teams that have shown significant interest in Derrick Rose.