The NBA league continues to change drastically, the NBA board have decided to change some rules for a better pace of the game, by changing time-out mechanics, shortening halftime breaks and free throw delay game issues. This offseason has been full of changes not only for free agents and NBA All-Stars but also in the NBA as they have decided to change a couple of the NBA rules. This might be one of the biggest offseasons in the history of the league. Let's take a closer look at the rule changes:

NBA Board of Governors change in-game rules

The NBA apparently wants to improve the in-game flow of their games by changing certain time-out mechanics.

A few of the changes are discussed below:

  • A team will now have seven timeouts per game, there are no longer different types of timeouts, 20 second and full timeouts have been erased and replaced by the new team timeouts. These so called team timeouts last a minute and 15 seconds or 75 seconds. Once a team enters the fourth quarter they can only call a maximum of four team timeouts. Mandatory timeouts in the fourth and second quarter have now been replaced by a mandatory timeout every quarter under the seven and 3-minute mark. Overtime timeouts are now reduced to two from three.

The NBA also made the following changes this offseason in relation to Delay Of Game:

  • While attempting free throws a player can no longer cross the three point line or else he will be penalized for a delay of game action. The halftime break is now reduced to fifteen minutes and any team that is not back in the court once the halftime counter ends shall be penalized for a delay of game action.

NBA trade deadline moved

The NBA has always had that post-All-Star weekend trade deadline frenzy where the first Thursday after the All-Star weekend is the last day where NBA players can be traded.

Last season we saw Demarcus Cousins being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans while the NBA All-Star game was going on. This probably was the trigger to them changing it to the Thursday ten days before the NBA All-Star weekend this offseason. This will be a big change as teams now have to set their roster before entering the NBA All-Star break, which makes it more convenient for the NBA players to have some peace of mind when they enter the All-Star break.

With the trades and swaps in this year's NBA offseason, along with the new set of rules for next season, this most likely will be an offseason to remember.