After watching his former teammate Kevin Durant obtain his well deserved NBA championship, Russell Westbrook has decided that enough is enough. Westbrook is coming off a season in which he was able to carry the Oklahoma City Thunder on his back. Averaging a triple double during NBA regular season play, Westbrook has made it apparent that he is just as deserving of an NBA championship ring. The Oklahoma City Thunder have decided to try to help their one of a kind point guard achieve his goals by becoming active in the free agency bidding war.

With the amount of talent floating around in the free agent pool, the Thunder knew they had to make a move quickly if they wanted to keep up with teams that are atop of the Western Conference such as the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, and San Antonio Spurs.

As the offseason continues to provide excitement for NBA fans with summer league play, front offices continue to battle in the attempt to compose the most elite NBA roster.

Focused on improving

When Kevin Durant took off to become a Golden State Warrior, Russell Westbrook had to compensate for his leave of absence. Although the league's MVP handled the pressure the best he could have, the Thunder did not reach their initial season goal of winning the NBA Championship. When your point guard is averaging 30 points per game as well as over 10 rebounds and assists, it is apparent that the team organization is in need of more role players.

In March the Thunder signed point guard Norris Cole as an attempt to try to reassure that the Thunder bench would be able to rely on veteran minute's production off of the bench.

After losing to James Harden and the Rockets during post-season play, the Thunder understood what needed to be done. During the free agency race that took storm during the final weeks of June, the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to add a former Indiana Pacer to their roster. Paul George was traded to the Thunder in exchange for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.

Paul George look to make an impact

Paul George has been sought out by many teams during the NBA offseason. It is no secret when on his game, George can be considered one of the league's best small forwards behind LeBron James and Kevin Durant. His ability to shoot the ball while being able to play defense at a high level makes him valuable to almost any team in this day and age in the NBA.

With both conferences ran by NBA powerhouse offenses, teams throughout the NBA have been looking for players that can contribute on both sides of the ball. During the 2016 regular season, George was able to bring in 23 points per game which helped the Pacers reach the playoff picture. If Paul George and Russell Westbrook can come together and lead the players of Oklahoma City Thunder they might be able to make a run at the NBA Championship.