The New York Knicks are making sure every NBA team is given the opportunity to field their offers for Kristaps Porzingis, whom team president of basketball operations Phil Jackson made available for trade discussion. According to the latest report, the Oklahoma City Thunder are the latest team the Knicks' front office engaged in trade talks surrounding the 7-foot-4 Latvian sensation.

The rumor

NBA Insider Ramona Shelburne of ESPN reported that the Knicks reached out to the Thunder in an attempt to gauge their interest in Porzingis. Jackson recently confirmed in an interview on MSG Network last Wednesday that he’s currently entertaining overtures for Porzingis, though he won’t be dealing away his prized trade asset unless he receives a very enticing trade package.

According to several NBA insiders, Jackson is seeking a top-5 pick and an up-and-coming young player with star potential. The Thunder have some promising players, such as Victor Oladipo, Enes Kanter and Domantas Sabonis, but cannot provide a top-5 pick or even a first-round selections until 2022, per Brett Dawson of the Oklahoman.

Possible trade package

Again, the Thunder’s inability to offer a lottery pick in this year’s draft or a first-rounder in the next 3-4 years serves as a huge roadblock in acquiring Porzingis. However, Presti could once again think outside the box to achieve his goal. Of course, the Thunder would need a third team – likely a lottery-bound team for next season – to facilitate a trade with the Knicks.

Presti could use Alex Abrines, Doug McDermont, Enes Kanter, and a first-round draft pick acquired from a third team to entice Jackson and the Knicks to trade the Latvian. It’s a long shot but not out of the realm of possibility. The Thunder can then absorb Porzingis’ salary-friendly rookie deal ($5M per year) and Joakim Noah’s bad deal ($17M per year) – which the Knicks are trying to unload.

Why should the Thunder trade for Porzingis?

The answer is easy. Russell Westbrook, who will likely be named the regular-season MVP for the 2016-17 NBA season, can bolt next summer if Thunder general manager Sam Presi is unable to surround him with more capable personnel.

Although Westbrook is eligible for an additional $70 million in his next contract with the Thunder (thanks to the designated veteran player’s extension rule in the new CBA), there’s still a high chance that the mercurial guard takes his talent to a team that can give him a better chance to compete against his former pal Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors.

Acquiring Porzingis from the Knicks will be a huge boon for the Thunder, who will finally provide their Batman (Westbrook) with a capable Robin to depend on in tough situations. Porzingis, who averaged 18.1 points and 7.2 rebounds per game last season, would be a huge upgrade.