Recently retired quarterback michael vick has already started thinking about life after retirement. He has become a coaching intern for his former coach Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs. Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles were the first team to give Mike Vick a job after being released from prison after serving a two-year sentence for running an alleged dog fighting ring.

Once Vick joined Philly, it didn't take long for Andy to make him a permanent starter when Mike replaced injured QB Kevin Kolb during the first game of the 2010 season.

Along with weapons like DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin, the Eagles immediately became the fastest and most feared offense in the NFL at that time.

The most memorable game that Reid and Vick have experienced as coach and player is during the 2010 season against the division rival New York Giants. Vick led Philly to one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history in the fourth quarter after facing a 21-point deficit.

DeSean Jackson won the game for the Eagles by returning a punt for a touchdown as the fourth quarter clock expired. The game showed the rest of the league just how explosive the Eagles were and how much Andy Reid providing Vick with a second chance had paid off.

Success with Reid in Philly

Mike and the Eagles went on to post an 11-5 record that season but lost to the eventual Super Bowl champs the Green Bay Packers, in the wild-card round of the playoffs.

The coaching of Reid helped Vick become the pocket passer he always wanted to be. The talent of Vick helped Reid buy some more time in Philly as the head coach. However, that would be the only season that Mike and Andy were able to experience any high-level of winning together on the field.

Unfortunately, it seemed as if once teams realized Vick shook off the rust of his two-year absence they began blitzing him in ways that took away his ability to take off and run as he successfully did in his younger days.

Vick's coaching interest

In an interview with ESPN's Adam Schefter, Vick spoke on his interest of being an NFL coach someday.

"It's another way to chase a championship," Vick said. "You know I'm not done. I'm not done by any means. You know I didn't get the championship when I was playing so, hey, maybe I'd get lucky one year, maybe fortunate enough to join the staff that may be good enough."

Vick will certainly be getting the experience while learning from veteran coach Andy Reid early in his process.