According to ESPN, Derrick Rose has reportedly agreed to sign a one-year, 2.1 million dollar contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers, who had been hoping for a dynamic offseason after their Finals loss, may be looking to Rose to elevate their team.

Details of the signing

The Cavaliers got Rose at a relatively good price of 2.1 million, which is basically the minimum for NBA veterans. The Lakers were also looking to sign Rose in an effort to perhaps give their young player Lonzo Ball some veteran insight. The Lakers offered more money than the Cavaliers, but ultimately Rose chose Cleveland.

The Cavaliers were under pressure (likely from Kyrie Irving and LeBron James) to make a big signing this offseason. Their team was outmatched in this year's NBA Finals against the Warriors. The Warriors -- who have two former MVP players in Kevin Durant and Steph Curry -- will now be matching up against a Cavaliers team that also has two former MVP players in James and Rose. However, due to an endless cycle of injuries, Rose has not been close to being an MVP-caliber player for quite some time.

The signing also comes at a time when the Cavaliers' starting point guard Kyrie Irving has been rumored to ask for a trade. With Irving being one of the most dynamic players in the league it would be a major blow to the team.

They may be preparing to fill that gap with Rose, who is both growing older and is injury prone.

Will it help them get past the Warriors?

If Cleveland fans were hoping for a major signing that would elevate the Cavaliers exponentially, this is not that signing. The Warriors absolutely crushed the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, in a 4-1 series.

Adding Rose, who will likely serve as a bench player, will not be enough to elevate them past the Warriors. In fact, if Irving leaves and Rose replaces him as a starter, the improved Celtics might even have a chance against the Cavaliers.

It is unwise for Cleveland to pin their hopes on the new acquisition of a player whose age and knee injuries are catching up to him.

Rose did have a decent year, averaging about 18 points per game with the Knicks last season, but that will not be enough to get them to win a championship. If Rose is a replacement for a departing Irving, then Cleveland may now be in competition with the Celtics.

To anyone who thinks that Rose can elevate his play back to his MVP status, it is just not going to happen. He is not the answer for the Cavaliers. Rose is decent, but his age and knees are serious issues.