Gordon Hayward had a meeting with the Miami Heat yesterday and it seems they are his favorite team to sign with. Beside team's front office, a few Heat players attended the meeting and it seems it all went well. Right now, it seems that the Heat are favorites to sign the superstar small forward. However, he has more free agency meetings and the situation could change very soon.

According to some league sources, Hayward prefers Miami because of Erik Spoelstra, better lifestyle and the scoring role he would have on a team. These are all valid reasons and indeed, they do make the Heat an attractive free agent destination.

From the head coach to the city, Miami has some advantages that many other NBA teams don't have, and it could help them sign Gordon Hayward this summer.

Hayward's reasons to join the Miami Heat

Miami Heat's head coach is one of the best coaches in the league and he even finished second in Coach of the Year voting. Gordon Hayward realizes how good Erik Spoelstra is and he would like to play for him. While Brad Stevens and Quin Snyder have done a great job with the Celtics and the Jazz, Spoelstra has never given up on his team, even when they were one of the worst teams in the league. He wants to win, so it makes sense why Hayward likes him.

Another reason why Hayward would join the Heat is simply the city they play in.

Miami offers a unique lifestyle which Boston or Utah do not. Even though the small forward is supposedly not a very outgoing person, there is no doubt he would enjoy Miami, its warm weather and no income tax.

The third reason is the scoring role Hayward would have on the Miami Heat. He is one of the most talented scorers in the NBA and there is no doubt he would be the best scorer in Miami.

While Goran Dragic, Hassan Whiteside and Dion Waiters can all score, Hayward is simply capable of doing more as he is a versatile and lethal scorer. The forward averaged 21.9 points per game last year, but it is very likely that he could have 25 points on average in Miami.

Will the Heat sign Hayward?

Whether Gordon Hayward favors the Miami Heat over other teams or not, it doesn't change the fact that he could go back to the Utah Jazz or even sign with the Boston Celtics.

The Heat are capable of giving him a maximum contract and great conditions, but the Jazz and the Celtics can also offer him great things.

It won't be surprising if Miami ends up signing Hayward and turning into one of the best teams in the East. He could be the missing piece they need to be competitive and if they re-sign other great players, such as James Johnson or Dion Waiters, there's a chance they could reach conference finals next season.