The New York Jets won double-digit wins in 2015 but then fell hard in 2016 thanks to poor quarterback play. After the Jets lost in 2016, the front office decided to tear everything down and the team traded or released every player that helped them compete at all in 2016. It was obvious that the Jets were looking at throwing the 2017 NFL season so they could pick up a high draft pick in 2018.

Brandon Marshall was one of the names that were dropped and he had some unkind things to say on his way out.

Marshall says Jets have no chance

Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker were the top two receivers in 2015 and could have repeated in 2016 if not for Decker's injury.

Now, both receivers are gone, with Marshall remaining in town and playing for the New York Giants. Now that Marshall is playing on the Giants team, he decided to give some parting words to his former team. Brandon said that the New York Jets have "no chance" in 2017.

When talking about playing for the New York Jets, Brandon Marshall said that he couldn't continue playing in the environment that existed in the Jets' organization. As Brandon said, he is at the point of his career where he can't continue to play for a team that had no chance of winning in 2017.

Brandon Marshall said that a player at his age wants a chance to win and that wouldn't happen with the New York Jets.

Matt Forte responds to Marshall's Jets comments

Matt Forte was not amused by the comments by Brandon Marshall about the New York Jets. Forte basically said that nothing that Marshall said matters because he is no longer playing for the Jets anymore. Forte also said that Marshall has no idea if the Jets have a chance or not because he has not been with the team through the entire offseason.

Matt Forte basically said that it is "Brandon speaking on Brandon." Forte also said that was all he had to say about Marshall in any way. It is an interesting take since Forte played with Marshall twice in his career - once with the Jets and previously with the Chicago Bears. If anyone knows Brandon Marshall, it is Forte.

Of course, while Matt Forte feels that the New York Jets are not as bad as Marshall acts like they are.

Forte is not the leading back anymore, losing that spot to youngster Bilal Powell. However, there is not a starting quarterback that can win a lot of games for the Jets this year, with journeyman Josh McCown competing with young quarterbacks in Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. Forte is defending his team but that doesn't mean that they actually have a chance in 2017.