Wednesday night was a good night for the newest Los Angeles Lakers superstar, Lonzo Ball. He put on a great performance, arguably his best as a Laker against the Philadelphia 76ers finishing with a near triple double, 36 points, 11 assists, eight rebounds, five steals and two blocks. It was a great all around performance that had a few special people watching, including the number one drafted Markelle Fultz, who sat out due to injury, and NBA superstar LeBron James.

King James who has previously stated he likes Zo's game, was in awe of the performance put on by the young man and even took to social media to talk about it.

He seemingly credited Lonzo's decision to wear Nike instead of his own brand (Big Baller Brand) was the reason for the great performance. LeBron is one of Nike's biggest endorsers, he owns his own shoe line, so any chance he gets to credit the company, he will.

This is bad for business

For the Ball family, especially the father, LaVar. His sons' decision to rock the Nike Kobe 11's was bad for the family brand. Although he did wear his signature Big Baller Brand shoes in the first two Summer League games, he didn't have his best performance until he put on a pair of Nike's.

He had an awful debut game, but followed that up with an impressive triple double game (11 points, 11 rebounds,11 assists) in game two, so it's hard to dicifer whether the shoes slow him down or not. But what we do know, is when LeBron James is in the building watching him and Nike shoes are on his feet, he plays very well.

The Ball family rejected partnership with Nike as they wanted their own brand, but it seems that Zo partnering with Nike for his shoe brand would've been a smarter idea for himself.

He plays better in the Nike's and his fans won't go broke buying them.

LeBron's presence was significant

It's easy to say that Lonzo Ball still would've had the same performance he did against the Philadelphia 76ers whether LeBron James watched from the sideline or not. But the truth of the matter is that Lonzo had 8 points at halftime, he then scored 28 points in the second half alone with some clutch shots to help Los Angeles grab the victory.

After the game he admitted to seeing his childhood idol, the 4-time MVP sitting down on the sidelines watching. He finished the game with 36 points, and looked very confident and energetic in the second half, most likely due to the fact that he knew King James was watching.