I don't think this statement needs any repeating but the New York Knicks have been awful since the Patrick Ewing era. In the heart of New York City lies the world most famous arena Madison Square Garden. Every year the garden draws some of the most passionate basketball fans. However, these fans have suffered for two decades due to incompetence management. The Knicks are known for their Incompetent General Managers, a bunch of our their prime Point guards (Derrick Rose, Steve Francis, Afernee Penny Hardaway) and their owner James Dolan who

The Knicks are known for their Incompetent General Managers, a bunch of our their prime Point guards (Derrick Rose, Steve Francis, Afernee Penny Hardaway) and their owner James Dolan who might not care if the team is any good.

With Phil Jackson stepping down as president of basketball operations for the Knicks, we can finally see the beginning of a new era. We can see the Knicks finally put together a team that fans can be proud of. To get there, I propose a five-step plan that can bring the Knicks back to their glory days

1. Find your general

Let me take you back to a happier time. During the 1990s, the New York Knicks were led by Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing and had Pat Riley at the helm as head coach. The Knicks of the 90s were known for its defensive, grit, attitude, and edge that made them a force during this period that edge, of course, is what led them to two NBA Finals at the time. That don't drive into this paint and heart all of that is what today's Knick lack the heart, the edge, the will to win (may fall on Carmelo) and all of that stem from the culture that Knick General Manager at the time Ernie Grunfield Built upon.

It all starts from the top, and the right General Manager is always what makes and breaks a team. It's the difference from a squad like Sacramento current regime under Vivek Randive and Vlade Divac, The Knicks under Isiah and the Nets and Sixer during Billy King's tenure at Golden State with Bob Myers, and Joe Lacob, the Heat with Pat Riley.

For the Knicks to succeed, it takes the right GM to make the big moves, lure in the big free agents, but more importantly, develop culture.

2. Make Porzingis the franchise guy

The 2015 NBA draft the Knicks Drafted 7'3 Latvian Power Forward Kristaps Porzingis was once a player who was shrouded in mystery. Though many Draft boards had him due to height, speed and overall potential, the New York Knick faithful in attendance at the NBA Draft that year showed their displeasure of Phil Jackson at the time by booing at the pick.

The Latvian unicorn then went on to prove his worth to the garden faithful becoming a fan favorite through his hard work, flare, and toughness.I think it's time to give Porzingis the keys to the garden and let him run wild. Porzingis has already shown flashes of greatness and a will to improve his game night in and night out.It might be tough being the franchise, but he has shown that he can carry the Knicks on his back. Last Season Kristaps Averaged 18 points per game along with seven rebounds and only looks to get better. Here is a little taste of his excellence.

3. Enter the Michael Porter sweepstakes

One of the many problems with has always been Knicks too much aiming for the moment and not building for the future.Now let's be real here what incentive do the Knicks have to try to make the playoffs seed?

Sure you bring in more fans to the Garden during playoff time, but it's only the short-term solution to a bigger problem going on in New York. The Knicks need to tank in 2018.Missouri forward Michael Porter Jr looks to be the clear-cut number one pick in next year draft. Then it's the argument that Knicks want to see a winning a winning Product.

Well, NBA fans and particularly Knick are some of the smartest fans in the league If there is a vision behind it along with some luck. The potential Knicks rebuilding project can lead to a turnaround. The Warriors turned their fortunes into a potential dynasty, and we might finally see some return with the Philadelphia 76ers " Trust the Process" model start showing some positive returns.

So why not bring another potential franchise player to play with Porzingis, Willy Vernon Gomez and Frank in the garden. I think a proper one can be done correctly with a little bit of luck and rebuild can be real for the Knicks if handled in a way where's there is a vision in placeI’d take Kristaps, another high lottery picks learning how to win together over a stuck in the basement team with no future.

4. Move Noah at all cost

Did they give Joakim how much again? 72 million…okay. Joakim Noah Once was a fun, gritty, and one of the best defensive centers in the league.Noah is now is a shell of his former self. A now, old, injury probed and more importantly on a bad contract. Last season In 46 games, Noah Averaged 4.3 Points Per Game eight rebounds before ending season due to a ..

injury.Along with Injuries Noah lacked the offensive game and plateau defense failed to compliment Porzingis in the front court.

The Knicks contract is so bad that it almost rivaled the Isiah Eddy Curry contract in 2004. Moving Joakim Noah's contract somehow is very important to clear cap space for the Knicks. I don't see how paying a broken down, on the other side of 30 center makes much sense in a sport that is salary cap driven. The best can be finding a suitor or packaging him a potential Carmelo trade (See Section 5).

5. Get the most out of a Carmelo Anthony deal

As of right now, the Knicks have not traded Carmelo Anthony. The mumbling of shipping Anthony to Houston to form a super team with Chris Paul and James Harden has been luring.

But what would the Knicks get in return exactly from a depleted Houston Rockets? Sure A deal that most likely will see Ryan Anderson Eric Gordon ( maybe Cappella) and maybe a 2019 first rounder and some second rounders but it isn't enough for the Knicks to properly prosper off of Carmelo Anthony's 125 Million dollars contract?

The Proposed four-way deal will be ideal for the New York Knicks to get the most bang for their buck and get a lot of aspects in return. I plus I think it would be pretty foolish to get nothing in exchange for a 20 point scorer and a future Hall of Famer.