First and foremost, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still a huge title contender for NBA’s next season. This continues to be a fact despite being dethroned at this year’s finals. However, if it is their mission to defeat the Golden State Warriors, then the front office certainly needs to bring a significant change to the team.

In terms of scoring, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a handful of go-to guys. This begins with LeBron James, of course, and followed by Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. If the team needs a catch-and-shoot threat on the floor, J.R. Smith can always cover that position.

Kyle Corver, Iman Shumpert and Deron Williams, on the other hand, can be expected to work as bench boosters. As for the groundwork, they can either rely to Tristan Thompson or Channing Frye (though most would prefer the former). Still, the team proved to be a mess, particularly with Kevin Durant’s arrival to the Dub Nation.

Enter Kristaps Porzingis

It holds true that the chances of the Cavs being able to acquire a veteran star in the free agency and/or trade are slim. However, they can actually make a good deal out of a trade with the New York Knicks’ star center Kristaps Porzingis. The 7-foot-3 inch Latvian basketball player has proven himself to be among the finest big guys in the league. He has contributed decent numbers that, in one way or another, have helped his team throughout the last season's run.

Interestingly, Knicks’ very own president Phil Jackson is reportedly interested in trading Porzingis. This eventually led to a storm of interest among the NBA’s front offices. After all, this guy has the size, speed and lateral movement perfect for a run-and-gun team like the Cleveland Cavaliers. His athleticism is even enough to space the floor for a quick offense without sacrificing the defense.

This is definitely the player that James and his squad need, not another superstar in the form of Paul George.

Kristaps Porzingis’ numbers on the floor

First, there is nothing wrong with a Paul George in a Cleveland Cavaliers setting. The Indiana Pacers superstar is definitely on a whole new level. However, his scoring position and/or role is already well-covered with the likes of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving themselves.

The Cavs do not need another scoring machine, as they already have the options to cover this area. What they need rather is someone who can play utmost defense without the lack of offensive skills. George can defend, yes, but Cleveland needs Kristaps Porzingis to help Thompson or the other guys on the paint.

Porzingis averaged at least 18. 1 in points, with 7.2 rebounds and 2.0 blocks per game during the past season. He has even joined the ranks of Dirk Nowitzki in being the one of the few NBA players who are over seven feet tall and can still shoot a 35 percentage at the three-point arc. His numbers, combined with James, could build one of the most punishing front courts the league has ever seen. Porzingis' arrival to the Cleveland Cavaliers, if such thing happens, will further boost the team's shot at defeating the Golden State Warriors.