Several NBA teams expressed their desire to acquire Kyrie Irving following his request to be traded. But for the young point guard, it's a matter of landing a team that will put him on top of the roster, where he can primarily contribute his talents. As much as the Cleveland Cavaliers wanted to retain him, there's no use keeping someone who is asking for something that they can't seem to give. LeBron James seems to be the face of the Cavaliers, something that Kyrie wants to prove in a different team.

While teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and San Antonio Spurs came up on the list of likely candidates, it's the Boston Celtics that taking the limelight after it was deemed perfect fit for the trade.

But according to the CelticsBlog, despite having the assets to take on Kyrie Irving, the question remains on whether do they have a reason to do so?

What Boston Celtics can offer

The odds at stake includes Isaiah Thomas' expiring deal, which records shows the perfect fit for a trade deal alongside two more players. But what's the point of the Cleveland Cavaliers trading Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas when he's eventually a free agent in a year or two? But of course, the Boston Celtics is also filled with young and talented players that the Cavs can capitalize in the future. But this is the one time, big chance by the Celtics to use its hoarded players for a superstar on the trade list.

The Boston Celtics clinched the Western Conference last season, toppling the Cleveland Cavaliers on top.

Acquiring Kyrie Irving could put the team in a better state of competition without having to deal with too much salary cap adjustment. Moreover, as the Celtics Blos states, it's Irving's youth that seems more appealing and worthy of the trade, but there's also the issue on Irving's defensive plays that could take a toll on the team's quest for the championship.

LeBron James on news about the trade

Meanwhile, LeBron James has not made an official statement regarding Irving's request. However, he made a passing post on twitter, denying allegations that he's unhappy about Irving's request and is likely to beat him. He also slammed news that alleged, he's the one who spilled the media about Kyrie Irving's request to be traded.

According to the Cavaliers, the team has already sealed their demands on the Kyrie Irving trade, and that includes a veteran starter that will accept a rookie contract and a first round pick in exchange of Kyrie Irving.