Yes, the season for armchair quarterbacks is about to get underway. After the Cowboy game, the next three are August 9th and 10th. The predictions and or power rankings vary from source to source, but some are similar to last year. Last season the Patriots were a favorite as were the Packers and Cardinals. This year some are safe bets.

ESPN has defending champions New England at an amazing 9.2 power rating followed by the Packers and Steelers at 4.8 and 4.7 respectively. Seattle has a 4.2 ranking shadowed by Atlanta and Dallas at 3.8, the Raiders 3.7 and the Chiefs at 3.4.

These are all favored to win their divisions as is Indianapolis. The Patriots are the only team heavily favored to win it all and ESPN figures the other team will be Green Bay or Seattle.

Sports Illustrated also has New England on top but followed by the Raiders. From the NFC the Falcons are in the top spot then back to the AFC with a surprising pick of the Titans followed by Pittsburgh and finally Green Bay. In seventh place are the Cowboys rounded out by Kansas City. Sports Illustrated has the Patriots winning the big game against either Dallas or Green Bay.

A Perfect Season

The USA Today has the Patriots heading for a perfect season. That may not be a very safe bet for some analysts say, this may be the last season for Tom Brady who turns 40 this year.

In the NFC they have the Packers, Cowboys, Falcons, and Seahawks winning their respective divisions. In the AFC they also pick Pittsburgh, Tennessee, and Raiders as winners. Their pick for the super bowl is a repeat for the Patriots against the Packers.

Sporting News is no surprise picking New England to go 15-1 and no question where they will repeat.

They have the Seahawks playing in the Super Bowl after winning its division. The Cowboys and Falcons are no surprises, but they pick the Lions to win the Central division. However, they have the Packers as a wild card defeating the Lions. The News has the Raiders, Pittsburgh and Titans winning their divisions.

New England

ABC Sports has New England as the AFC top seed followed by Oakland, Steelers, Colts all title winners.

In the NFC they favor the Seahawks, then the Packers followed by the Giants and wait for it-Tampa Bay. They see the Patriots defeating the Seahawks in their repeat.

So, everyone and everything is riding on Tom Brady, and New England and the NFC team is uncertain. Perhaps this would be another last second loss to a retiring elite quarterback. The reference here is Super Bowl XXXII where John Elway took the title from Brett Favre. Could that happen to Aaron Rodgers?