When beaches were closed down due to a government shutdown, just as the July 4 holidays began, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was spotted lounging on the beach on Sunday with his family at the Island Beach State Park. This led to much criticism and mocking on social media from people who had been planning a beach break, but some handled the situation with humor, including the guys who created a Sand Sculpture of Christie.

Sand sculptors create a masterpiece on the beach

As reported by NJ.com, two sand sculptors named as Larry and Tom had plenty of fun by creating a sand sculpture on the beach showing Christie relaxing in a chair.

The sand sculpture, created at a Seaside Heights beach in New Jersey on Tuesday, was labeled with the words “I Love New Jersey,” “Beach Closed,” and “July 4th.” There was also a plaque placed at Christie’s feet with the letters “IBSP” (Island Beach State Park), the beach area where Christie was caught catching some sun with the family while everyone else was barred from the beach over a budget impasse.

Larry and Tom reportedly started work on the sand sculpture at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, completing it within four hours. Lifeguards at the beach told NBC Connecticut that the two sculptors make a sand sculpture at the beach each year.

Last year they reportedly honored the victims of Sept. 11 to mark the 15th anniversary of the attacks.

It wasn’t just the sand sculpture, however, as various social media users photoshopped the New Jersey governor into various humorous scenes.

There was also a banner flying over the beach Monday telling Christie to “Get The Hell Off Island Beach State Park.”

Gov. Chris Christie's approval rate now 15 percent

NBC Connecticut went on to report that Christie’s approval rate is currently at 15 percent after various scandals have upset the locals.

These include Christie’s run for president, his support of Donald Trump and the fact that three of his former aides were caught deliberately creating traffic jams. The cause of the latest criticism and humor was the fact that the New Jersey state legislature had failed to pass a budget by the deadline of June 30, prompting various non-essential state services to be closed, including the Island Beach State Park.

NJ.com reports that Christie signed a budget Tuesday, ending the state shutdown slightly before midnight. Recreation sites in the state were finally open for the Fourth of July celebrations.