Ed Orgeron has a bombastic personality on and off the gridiron. During SEC Media Day, the new full-time LSU Tigers coach had an opportunity to show off that side of his personality. He discussed the schedule and the depth chart for the upcoming season and answered the usual set of questions that come with his position. But he also took a moment to single out Jontre Kirklin, one of the more intriguing prospects on this season's roster.

Introducing Jontre Kirklin

One of the questions directed toward Orgeron on Monday afternoon pertained to the team's freshmen.

The head coach had things to say about almost all of them individually. He had to start somewhere, though, and he decided to start with one of his best in Kirklin. After discussing the fact that the freshmen were elite, the first name to come out of his mouth was the one that would've surprised LSU fans the most several weeks ago.

Kirklin confounds because of his transition to the college game. He is a local kid from the state of Louisiana, so the dream would have almost definitely been to go to LSU. He would not be able to do so at his dream position, though.

After committing to the team more than a year ago, the three-star recruit was asked to switch from quarterback to cornerback, a challenging transition. The fact that the athletic marvel has been able to do that to the extent that Orgeron publicly believes in him suggests that Kirklin could become an important name in the backfield.

Orgeron has plenty to say

Outside of his praise for Kirklin, Orgeron had plenty of praise for other freshmen, including Jacob Phillips, Neil Farrell, and especially K'Lavon Chaisson, who the coach considered to be an elite outside pass rushing prospect. He also saved effusive praise for running back Derrius Guice, who may be the biggest star on the entire roster next season, perhaps outside of Orgeron himself.

After serving as the interim coach for most of the last year, Orgeron has finally been handed the keys to the car. He was a respectable 6-2 last season after taking over for Les Miles and also went 6-2 as an interim coach at USC. During three years in charge of Ole Miss, however, he failed to post a winning record. The LSU faithful is known for being loyal, but not necessarily patient. To grow support among the fans and alumni, Orgeron will need to have a solid first season and show the ability to grow, as well as continue to succeed on the recruiting trail.