The Lsu Tigers are going to try to prove that they can win with a new Head Coach in 2017. After leading LSU to a National Championship and numerous bowl games, the Tigers finally fired Les Miles in the middle of last season and replaced by assistant Ed Orgeron. With the best coach in LSU history shown the door, the team chose to go ahead and keep Orgeron as their new head coach heading into the 2017 college football season.

Ed Orgeron called 'paranoid'

Les Miles was easily the most entertaining and controversial coach in college football the years.

However, it looks like that won’t change as other coaches are starting to call Ed Orgeron paranoid and blast the LSU Tigers head coach for hurting the future of high school football players in Louisiana.

This all comes down to something that coaches seem divided on – satellite camps. Some states, like Texas and Mississippi, have caused an uproar when coaches like Bob Stoops of the Oklahoma Sooners or Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan Wolverines want to hold satellite camps to get a closer look at out-of-state players. Now, Ed Orgeron and the LSU Tigers can be added to the list.

Ed Orgeron wants to keep out-of-state schools from setting up satellite camps in Louisiana to keep state high school athletes from leaving Louisiana.

Because of Orgeron and LSU, a satellite camp that was supposed to include Belhaven University, Texas, Cornell, and others were canceled because the LSU Tigers head coach applied pressure.

Hal Mumme, the head coach of Belhaven, called Orgeron “Paranoid Ed” and said he won’t let anyone come in to recruit Louisiana high school athletes.

Mumme said that Orgeron did his camps there and then said no one else could. Mumme said he is turning in Ed Orgeron to the NCAA to investigate the issue.

The future of the issue

Hal Mumme said this isn’t just about Ed Orgeron and the LSU Tigers trying to keep the best recruits for themselves but it is also about hurting high school athletes.

He said that the 300 to 400 kids in Louisiana that can play football can’t all play for a Division I school.

10 of the 11 schools in Louisiana who have football teams are Division I, so Mumme said that Ed Orgeron is keeping kids from getting scholarships to play football in college who aren’t at that level. Belhaven is a Division III school. He said kids are losing opportunities because of the “extortion” by the LSU Tigers head coach. Mumme has called on the NCAA to come and investigate the actions by Orgeron.