The Philadelphia 76ers’ young lineup might face cohesion problem in their campaign next season as 2016 No 1 overall pick Ben Simmons insisted that he will play the point guard spot, the same position occupied by 2017 top pick Markelle Fultz. According to, Simmons said the team can move him anywhere but he is the “starting point guard.” Simmons clarified that he has no problem sharing the spot with Fultz, whom he said has the ability to share the ball with teammates.

Earlier, Simmons also criticized people who doubt his ability to play point, saying everybody is a coach.

Everybody is a GM” in an interview with Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer. In April, head coach Brett Brown already declared his plan to use Simmons at point guard. However, he will not let the 6-foot-10 Simmons to guard the opponent’s point guard during games. Most likely, Simmons can match up with the opponent’s power forward, allowing him to be closer to the basket for rebounds and transition plays.

Simmons an all-around player at LSU

The 20-year-old Simmons showed his all-around ability during his one year at LSU. While he played power forward, Simmons also had the duty of distributing the ball. He finished his college career with an average of 19.2 points, 11.8 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game.

Last year, he played two Summer League games, averaging 5.5 assists, before he broke his foot in practice, causing him to miss his entire rookie year.

Fultz, for his part, played point guard in his one year at Washington, where he averaged 23.2 points, 5.9 assists and 5.7 rebounds per game. However, Fultz also has the ability to score off the ball.

Sixers’ starting lineup now complete

The Sixers are expected to start Simmons, Fultz, JJ Redick, Robert Covington and Joel Embiid. The outside shooting of Fultz, Redick and Covington will help space the floor for Embiid as he operates in the shaded lane. Simmons, for his part, has plenty of kick-out option if he drives to the basket.

Simmons and Fultz will play their rookie year while Redick signed a one-year deal worth $23 million recently. The 76ers expected to contend this season after winning just 75 games in the past four years.

Meanwhile, Redick expects that his one-year deal with the Sixers is only the beginning of a long stay with the team. According to Redick, he plans to play three to four years Before signing the one-year deal, Redick’s highest annual salary was $7.3 million last season with the Los Angeles Clippers. His contract with the Sixers will give him $280,470 per regular-season game.