Derrick Rose is reportedly talking to two teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers, for a one-year contract. This comes after he met with the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks.

The free agent point guard met with the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday and the meeting lasted for three hours. As for his meeting with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he reportedly had serious talks with them but details about what they talked about remained under wraps. Although he talked with the Bucks, the Clippers, and the Lakers, ESPN reported that the terms that he is most comfortable with have been offered by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Why Cleveland Cavaliers?

Aside from the fact that the Cavaliers are the reigning NBA champions, Rose would also be closer to his family in Chicago. Reports also said that the Cavs is offering Rose a minimum contract worth $2.1 million.

The Cavaliers want Rose to be on the team to play alongside Kyrie Irving for the NBA team’s back court. However, if they do acquire Rose, the team’s total luxury tax bill would increase to $78.2 million.

Los Angeles Lakers hoping Rose would sign with them

Rose did not have a great season with the New York Knicks last season that is why the Los Angeles Lakers are banking on that issue. They reportedly promised that he would have a better pay and playing time than what the Knicks offered him.

It is unclear how much are they willing to pay Rose.

Lakers want to acquire Rose because they believe he can help their rookie point guard, and up and coming star, Lonzo Ball. Rose could guide Ball and teach him the skills he knows. Rose was also spotted at the practice facility of the Lakers as of late but details about the meetings also remained unconfirmed.

Rose’s time with the NY Knicks

Despite the tumultuous time with the New York Knicks last season, Rose averaged 18 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 4.4 assists. He was paid $21,323,250 for one season but missed eight games after a torn left meniscus.

Reports said recently that Rose was willing to take a pay cut to re-sign with the New York Knicks.

His agent, B.J. Armstrong, noted last month that Rose loves New York and wants to be there. Armstrong added that Rose is now healthy and has been working out after his knee surgery back in April. He would have retained his point guard position if he re-signed. It is unclear why Rose now wants to be with another team now.

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