After this past NBA Finals, it has become abundantly clear that the Cleveland Cavaliers need more to take down the offensive dynamic that is the Golden State Warriors. After a somewhat quiet offseason, the Cavaliers are taking a gamble and trying to acquire Derrick Rose on a one-year contract.

How Close is the Deal?

Rose has two potential options, right now both the LA Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to sign him. But it has been reported by ESPN that Rose and the Cavaliers are close to signing a one-year deal.

LeBron James has been pushing the Cavaliers to acquire players that could potentially make his team as good as the Golden State Warriors.

Despite LeBron's competitive performance in the NBA Finals, his team got crushed by the Golden State Warriors in a 4-1 series loss.

The loss came largely due to the Warriors acquisition of Kevin Durant. The star studded cast of the Warriors has two former NBA MVPs in Durant and Steph Curry, and now, it seems that the Cavaliers are looking to have a similar dynamic, as both LeBron James and Derrick Rose are former NBA MVPs.

What is the Risk?

Derrick Rose has had his ups and downs in his career. The former NBA MVP was at one point the new face of the Chicago Bulls franchise and one of the most dynamic players in the league. But after multiple ACL tears and years away from the game due to injury, the NBA superstar was not as valuable of an asset to the Bulls franchise.

Rose scored an average of around 18 points with the Knicks this past year. Is that enough to push the Cavaliers to be competitive with the Warriors? The answer is uncertain, but what is certain is that it is a risky gamble.

To pin the hopes of the Cavaliers improvement to Rose is a risky bet. He has been injured a lot, is getting older, and is not nearly as good as he was during his NBA MVP season.

This may be a failing last effort for Cleveland to have a productive offseason in trades, or perhaps appease James who clearly wants the franchise to be competitive in the Finals next year.

While Rose may be injury prone, and not as good as he once was, it may not cost much to get him. ESPN has reported the deal would be around 2.5 million dollars for a one-year contract.

Cleveland may, in fact, be minimizing the risk, while simultaneously hoping Rose can somehow rise back to the level he once was. Perhaps with James carrying the team and providing incredible ball movement, Rose will be able to increase his offensive production.

It remains to be seen whether or not Cleveland can secure the deal or if the Lakers will swoop in with a more compelling offer.