Several reports that have surfaced online recently have led NBA fans to believe that Derrick Rose might end up making a comeback to the Big Apple. An online report, quoting sources close to the matter, stated that New York Knicks are hinting towards a “legitimate” interest in re-signing Derrick Rose.

Derrick Rose with New York Knicks

As per a report published by ESPN, the New York Knicks have been showing interest in bringing Derrick Rose back to their team. He becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1 for the first time in his NBA career and his agent said that Derrick Rose may choose to take up the offer and a pay-cut in order to stick around with The New York Knicks.

Quite contrary to the reports that surfaced online previously wherein Rose apparently was seeking a hefty contract with plans of departure from New York Knicks, he might end up staying in New York. If Rose accepts an offer made by the New York Knicks, he will resume his position as the starting point-guard with the team.

The ESPN report further goes on to note several factors upon which Rose and Knicks’ decision heavily relies. One of the most important one is Derrick Rose’s health situation. The star player had his knee surgically repaired recently. ESPN reports that Rose was given a timeline of between three to six weeks in order to recover. His 2016-17 average with the Knicks saw him scoring 18 points-a-game, with 4.4 assists and 3.8 rebounds over a total of 64 games.

Sources close to the matter have stated that the New York Knicks are currently discussing several other scenarios as well. Most of these discussions surround matters regarding the void at point guard if Derrick Rose leaves. From what experts have observed from the Knicks’ camp, it doesn’t appear the team is interested in spending a lot of money on any free agents this NBA offseason.

Phil Jackson's take

The New York Knicks’ former president phil jackson expressed optimism that Rose could return to the team. Jackson had stated that he was aware of the fact that Rose has enjoyed playing in New York and the team would like to have him back at the right price. However, things have changed drastically in New York because Jackson resigned as the president of the Knicks on Wednesday, so it is no longer up to him on who the team brings back for the 2017-18 NBA season. If Derrick Rose wants to return to New York now, he will need to convince other members of the front office to keep him.