Cleveland Cavaliers have signed their 2015 draft pick, Cedi Osman, to a contract. The Cavaliers signed Osman to a three-year deal worth $8.3 million. Beside spending money on the contract, the 2016 NBA champions also had to pay $700,000 for Osman's buyout from his European team, Anadolu Efes.

Osman is a 6'8" forward who will most likely be a bench player. He is only 22 and if it turns out that he can play well in the NBA, this deal will definitely be worth it for the Cavaliers. The forward was the 31st overall pick in 2015 NBA draft and the Cavaliers finally decided to give him a chance to play in the strongest basketball league in the world.

Cedi Osman spent last week with team officials in Las Vegas, where NBA Summer League is being held. This move was expected by the Cavaliers, especially after they failed to sign Jamal Crawford.

Cedi Osman before the NBA

Next season will be Cedi Osman's first NBA season and he will be a rookie. However, he already has four years of professional basketball career as he played for Turkish team, Anadolu Efes, from 2013 to 2017. Osman appeared in 98 Euroleague games, averaging 6.7 points and 2.9 rebounds per game. He also converted 41.6 percent of his total shots and 35.6 percent of three-pointers.

Osman's career-high scoring average was in 2015/16 season when he averaged 7.9 points per game. He also shot career-best from the field that year with 44.1 percent success rate.

Osman with the Cavaliers

Considering his low statistical averages and poor efficiency, it is not very likely that Cedi Osman will be a great NBA player.

Osman wasn't exactly a superstar in Europe and it is questionable if he can even be a decent backup in the NBA.

However, considering he is only 22, there is a lot of room for improvement and he could turn into a good player. On the Cleveland Cavaliers, the forward will be surrounded by experienced players and he might even reach the NBA Finals in his rookie season.

Cleveland Cavaliers' free agency

After signing Kyle Korver, Jose Calderon, Jeff Green and Cedi Osman, the Cleveland Cavaliers now have 14 players on their roster. They have one more roster spot they can use their $2.4 million exception on and they also have two two-way contracts left for G League players.

Unless they pull a big trade soon, the Cavaliers won't have a better roster next season. On the other side, the Golden State Warriors further improved their team and the Cavaliers just may not have what it takes to beat them once again.