Sam Querrey's incredible run at Wimbledon 2017 continues as he cruises into his first Grand Slam semi-finals. However, in order to do so, the 29-year old American had to struggle and win some tough matches, 3 close five-setters in the row to be exact. Today, he stunned the world, beating the number one seed Andy Murray and will face Marin Cilic of Croatia for a place in the Wimbledon finals.

Sam Querrey ousts the top seed Andy Murray

Everything seemed to be going just fine for Andy Murray. He took the first set with ease and was leading in the second with a break in his pocket.

But it was at that point that Querrey was able to turn the match around. All it took was a couple of unsuccessful drop shots from Murray to turn the match around and bring the second set to Sam Querrey. In the third set, Murray was able to recover from the shock. He broke Querrey at the beginning of the set which at that point seemed like enough for a third set. But Querrey didn't think so as he was able to re-break when Murray was serving for a set. Eventually, it all led to the tie-break when Murray finally prevailed which gave him a 2-1 lead.

Just when it seemed that tie-break was a decisive moment of a whole match, Querrey made sure this wasn't the case. In the third game, he broke Murray and he did so as well in the fifth one making it difficult for Murray to come back from this.This was the point where things started to fall apart for Andy.

He complained about his hip injury, but Querrey kept his focus, sealing the third set with another break. Now that match entered its final set, everyone was expecting the real battle to begin, but some were skeptical given the extent of Murray's injury. The beginning of a set proved the skeptics right, as Andy's pain was increasing with every point which meant only one thing - an early break.

From that point, the rest of the final set took the course of the previous one and Sam Querrey quickly surged into semi-finals.

Querrey to face Marin Cilic in the semi-finals

Next, Querrey is facing a real test in a form of Marin Cilic who beat Gilles Muller in five sets. Given the fact that those were the only two sets Cilic lost at Wimbledon and that the other four matches brought nothing but a sheer dominance of the Croat, Sam is going to have big problems.

Not to mention the fact that Cilic beat the American on all four occasions. However, the most relevant matches are those played at Wimbledon. They met two times at All-England Club. First one was a close five-setter in 2009, but it was the other one played in 2012 that everyone remembers. In that match, Cilic won 17-15 in the fifth set. Given that fact, let's just hope that this year's clash will be no different