Chris Bosh has had a tough last few years. He has been unable to play professional basketball for the last two years due to blood clot issues. Just a few weeks ago, the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh officially parted ways, leaving CB as a free agent. The Heat no longer wanted to hold the star power forward on their roster as he was inactive for the past two seasons, and the timetable for his recovery was always changing, so they made the huge decision to waive the 11-time NBA all-star.

This decision has worked out to be positive for both parties. The Miami Heat can now use the extra roster spot to improve their young, and potentially playoff bound team, and Chris Bosh can be signed by another team, possibly rejuvenating his NBA career.

Chris Bosh updates the fans on his current situation

A TMZ video shows Chris Bosh walking down the streets, looking happy and appreciating life. Bosh talks about his eagerness to get back to playing professional basketball again, and the possibilities of where he might end up.

A lot of NBA fans believe now is the right time for Chris Bosh to call it quits, hang it up, and retire. Chris Bosh certainly does not feel that way. Bosh says he is feeling great health wise and likes the sound of returning to the league in the near future. Although he loves staying at home and being a father, doing what he loves once again without health issues holding him back is ultimately what Chris is looking to do.

Family comes first and occupation comes second for the two-time NBA champion.

Will he team up with LeBron again?

Chris Bosh gave a grin and said “anything’s possible” when asked about the opportunity of playing with LeBron James once again, possibly in Los Angeles in 2018. While that is just a rumor, and may not happen, Chris still liked the sound of it.

Many people are speculating that LeBron James and his close friends Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul will team up in the near future in a big city like LA. But there is also a likelihood of Chris Bosh joining them if he is healthy and everything goes correctly. But right now, we do not know what will happen in the future.

We do not know if Bosh will be healthy enough to play basketball at a high level again, and if the banana boat crew will all be able to manipulate contracts to play on the same team together. It does sound pretty interesting anyhow, and to NBA fans around the world, this would be something crazy to witness.