Just a few weeks ago, the Miami Heat officially waived Chris Bosh due to his ongoing medical problems. Bosh and the Heat finally reached an agreement, as the big man became a free agent. Despite not being under contract, most NBA fans expected Bosh to retire, however, it seems that the former NBA All-Star still wants to return to the league.

Bosh recently talked to TMZ Sports, indicating that he still wants to make a comeback. It's been almost a year and a half since Chris Bosh played his last NBA game. His last game was in Miami against the San Antonio Spurs on February 9.

The big man scored 18 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in what might turn out to be the last game in his professional basketball career.

Chris Bosh's potential comeback to the NBA

When he was asked about what's next for him and if an NBA return is possible, Chris Bosh said the following: “Basketball and stuff. Yeah, I’m always thinking about playing.” It is clear that the 33-year-old forward still wants to return to the NBA and he is not ready to retire yet. "Anything's possible," is what Bosh said when asked about teaming up with his former teammate, LeBron James, in Los Angeles.

Chris Bosh owns a home in Los Angeles and there are a lot of rumors about LeBron joining the Lakers next summer. If Bosh has serious intentions of making an NBA comeback, it wouldn't be unlikely to see him team up with James once again.

He is a great player and a lot of other NBA teams would be interested in him as well.

However, considering that Bosh has blood clots and he could even die on the basketball court while playing, finding a doctor who can clear him to play will be extremely hard, or even impossible. Despite his wish to return and dominate in the best basketball league once again, Bosh's chance of return is very slim.

Life after basketball

Chris Bosh could stay in basketball world if he wants to, but not as a player. Bosh had a chance to be an NBA analyst, which is something he enjoyed and could keep doing. He could also become a basketball coach and pass his knowledge about the game to the younger generation of players.

There is no doubt that it's difficult for Bosh to give up on his professional basketball career, but there is really no point in trying to return. His health condition is serious and he should just retire and move on. Considering how much he achieved during his career, Bosh will undoubtedly make it to the Hall of Fame, which is a great honor.