Gordon Hayward has been one of the top free agents this summer and he has finally come to a decision on where he will play next season. Hayward, who spent seven years of his professional career playing for the Utah Jazz, has signed with the Boston Celtics.

Hayward's versatility made him one of the best players in free agent market. It was a three-team race for the superstar small forward as the Jazz, Miami Heat and Boston Celtics all tried to sign him. At the end, the forward picked what he considers is the best option for him and he will continue his career in Boston.

For the first time in his career, Hayward will switch teams and his signing with the Celtics will turn Boston into one of the best teams in the East.

Gordon Hayward to Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics finished last regular season as the first seed in the East, which was quite shocking. Isaiah Thomas was incredible and Brad Stevens showed how great of a coach he is. With Al Horford's help and solid performances from role players, the Celtics managed to conquer the East, but they fell short in the playoffs.

Cleveland Cavaliers won the eastern conference in the postseason as they eliminated the Celtics in five games. However, this could change next year as the Celtics will be much better with Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum, the rookie they drafted this year.

Brad Stevens was Hayward's coach in college and there is no doubt that he played a big role in this Free Agency decision. Gordon Hayward and Stevens have a great relationship and this could have been the key factor for Hayward's decision.

Finally, one star player from the West moved to the East, but the conference is still very weak and there is a big chance Hayward will reach the conference finals with the Boston Celtics, or even the NBA Finals.

This definitely seems like the best decision for the small forward and he could achieve a lot of success in Boston.

Hayward in Utah

Gordon Hayward was drafted ninth overall in 2010 NBA draft by the Utah Jazz. He spent seven years of his career in Salt Lake City and that's where he established himself as one of the best scorers in the league.

Last season, the small forward averaged 21.9 points per game while leading the Jazz to the first-round playoff victory over the Los Angeles Clippers. While he had a solid season, the Utah Jazz just couldn't achieve much success and he will try his luck in the eastern conference, which is much weaker.