There are not a lot of sportsbooks with odds open on the NBA MVP market for the 2017/18 NBA season. After all, it was only within the last ten days that the market settled for the 2016/17 season, one that saw Russell Westbrook win the coveted individual award.

However, one sportsbook that serves the United Kingdom and Ireland has been quick to open up a futures line for the MVP award. Sun Bets makes Kevin Durant, who recently agreed to a two-year contract with the Golden State Warriors worth $53,000,000, the MVP favorite for the next season at odds of +350 (7 to 2).

Lebron James among other favorites

The NBA MVP market is without a heavy favorite. Odds of +350 imply a percentage chance of 22.2% that Durant will win the award in what will be his 2nd season as a member of the Golden State Warriors. One thing that you can look for when speculating on who will win the MVP award is immense talent. However, talent that is isolated on a team certainly helps as well.

For instance, a big reason that Westbrook took the award from last season is because he didn't have anyone to share the ball with. He was the go-to for the Thunder right from the start and right to the finish with nothing ever inhibiting his shot selection. The OKC guard doesn't look like he will be in the same situation next season, perhaps to the benefit of the Thunder overall.

OKC recently acquired Paul George, and reliance on Westbrook should therefore decline. This may decline his personal statistics and, in turn, his chances of winning the MVP award for a repeat time.

James Harden underrated?

Among the players who are in the top-six favorites, Harden certainly stands out. Chris Paul, who was recently traded to the Houston Rockets, is a passer before a scorer.

He could fuel Harden big-time next season. Furthermore, Paul is adept enough at scoring that he could help create some defensive sags for Harden.

Antetokounmpo also stands out more as a player with isolated talent. The most-improved player from last season is in Milwaukee as a member of the Bucks. Next season, he might be relied on a lot to carry the team and perhaps his individual stats will benefit greatly.

However, Antetokounmpo might not be as big of a talent as the other players are right now. At +700, Harden could be underrated in this market. He came close to winning the award at the recent NBA Awards Show. His situation seems to have improved for next season as Paul's playing style should complement Harden's.