Los Angeles Lakers rising star Brandon Ingram has a high opinion of former UCLA Bruins guard Lonzo Ball's character and of what he will bring to the table in Hollywood.

The Lakers selected 19-year-old Ball at number two in last month's NBA draft, adding one of the most talented guard prospects in recent years to their roster. The explosive and dynamic UCLA product is widely seen as someone who will improve the team's offense as he possesses unique passing skills and is known to be a pass-first guy.

Ball is set to have a big role in his rookie season as the departure of former Laker D'Angelo Russell has created a hole in the starting backcourt.

''He's a great guy overall,'' Ingram said of Ball after Summer League practice. ''I think from a basketball standpoint he pushes the pace on the offensive end. I think's it's going to create a lot of easy shots for the wing players and, of course, the bigs. I think he should create shots and be very unselfish.''

Building a good chemistry

Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball have already started to develop a good chemistry after becoming teammates just recently.

The Los Angeles Lakers took Ingram out of Duke as the number two overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft before doing the same with Ball this year. The two 19-year-old's were one of the top prospects in each of their respective draft classes.

The Los Angeles-based franchise hopes both players will fulfill their enormous potentials and become superstars one day.

How Ingram and Ball get on with each other on the floor could be the key to Lakers' success going forward.

''Yeah, it is. I don't know why. Guess just a good communication,'' Ingram said jokingly when acknowledged that Ball was talking about how their lockers were close to each other.

Ingram ready to help Ball

Brandon Ingram won't make himself unavailable should Lonzo Ball come to him and ask for some advice.

The former Duke Blue Devil has at least of the NBA experience on his back as he is set to kick off his sophomore season.

Ingram wasn't in an easy position a year ago, having arrived in the league as a high draft pick and playing for one of the greatest basketball franchises. He had the ups-and-downs during the rookie season but looked much better as the year progressed.

The pressure and expectation to perform well will be on guard Ball from Day 1 due to his big potential and outspoken dad LaVar Ball.

''Of course,'' Ingram said when asked about passing his knowledge to the newcomer. ''Just with having a year of experience in the league. Just help him a little bit, tell him what to expect, how to go about the game.''