Boston Celtics just acquired Gordon Hayward after the free agent announced the decision via The Players’ Tribune. Hayward played for the Utah Jazz for seven seasons and decided he wanted to try being part of another team.

The announcement came on Tuesday evening and Hayward noted on his essay that it was a life-changing decision not only for him but also for his family. He cleared that they took the matter seriously and he decided to write an essay about his decision as he wanted the fans and the league to hear it from him that he decided to sign with the Boston Celtics, Fox Sports reported.

Hayward and Coach Brad Stevens reunite

Hayward already worked with Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens in the past. He was the head coach of Butler University in Indianapolis before and Hayward played for the team.

In the essay of Hayward, he talked about the missed shot when Butler played against Duke. His former coach played a lot of role in his decision to sign with the Boston Celtics as Stevens reportedly told him he has the ability to spread on the floor. Hayward added of his talk with Stevens that the coach showed him all his options and talked to him about the potential teams he could join citing the pros and the cons. Stevens also reminded Gordon that in the end, it is still his choice to make and he would still support the NBA star whatever team he chooses.

Hayward said he and the Boston Celtics coach had an unfinished business since 2010 but even after all the years they were not on the same team, the NBA player believes they still have it and he hopes it will bring them the championship they want.

Boston Celtics eyeing Hayward since 2014

The Boston Globe reported that after Hayward became a restricted free agent in 2014, they wanted to acquire him.

It is unclear who the Celtics will have to let go or what adjustments would be made regarding the salary since the capping is an issue due to Hayward’s move with them.

What the deal includes

According to sources, Hayward will sign a four-year contract with the Celtics. The contract will cost $128 million and he will be given a player option during the latter years.

Utah Jazz comments on Hayward’s move

A press release from the Utah Jazz came out soon after Hayward made the announcement. Gail Miller, the Chairman of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies said that Hayward has become an important part of the Jazz family for the past seven years. He noted that they are disappointed with his decision but he and the company thanks him for the contributions he made. He wished Hayward and his family well, CBS Sports said.

The general manager of Utah Jazz, Dennis Lindsey, also said they are proud of the player that Hayward has developed into while he was with the NBA team. He added that despite the player's departure, they have a great coaching staff and a good roster of young players.