Rising star Brandon Ingram received a significant confidence boost after he got declared 'untouchable' in trade talks by Los Angeles Lakers President of Basketball Operations magic johnson. Ingram, the number two pick of the 2016 NBA draft, is one of the most intriguing and talented players in the whole NBA. The Lakers hope the 19-year-old forward will fulfill his enormous potential and become a superstar one day.

''I would say probably the only player that we would say, hey, we would probably not move is Brandon Ingram,'' Johnson this past May during a radio interview with ESPN Los Angeles, as quoted by Lakers Nation.

Duke product Ingram is not shy of getting his hands dirty as he is already known as one of the hardest workers in the team. ''Well, first my confidence was sky high,'' Ingram said during his appearance on ESPNLA's Mason and Ireland. ''Coming in every single day I've shown that I put work in and every single day I come in do the same thing, same routine.''

Eager to improve

Brandon Ingram's goal during this offseason is to become a better player as he awaits his sophomore year to kick off. The forward claims he found an inspiration to get better in, what was to him, an unsatisfying rookie season.

Ingram had a tough and inconsistent beginning to his NBA journey but stepped up after the All-Star break.

The Los Angeles Lakers player was showcasing his talent regularly in the second part of the season. He was more determined, focused, not afraid of the moment and eager to show that he belongs in the league.

Ingram averaged 9.4 points per game during his rookie season with the Lakers but was posting 13.5 points and 12.5 points per contest on average respectively in March and April.

''At the end of the day it wasn't all about those words but it was all about me getting better,'' Ingram revealed. ''I wasn't satisfied, or never satisfied with my game, but I wasn't satisfied with my rookie season. And I just wanted to go back and just work on anything that I didn't work well.''

Ingram's personality is a respectable one

Brandon Ingram's incredible work ethic, determination, and dedication to improving have certainly been spotted big-time by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Magic Johnson had a couple of months to get introduced to Ingram's habits before making the statement about the forward in public. Johnson replaced Jim Buss in the team's President of Basketball Operations position this past February. Having not to worry about his future in Los Angeles means Ingram won't be distracted by upcoming trade talks.