The fight between Filipino boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Australian boxer Jeff Horn was one of the greatest upsets in boxing history per fans and critics alike. Still high on Horn’s win, another Aussie boxer, Danny Green, said in a recent interview that he is happy Horn disrespected Pacquiao.

Green, 44, said that the 29-year-old Horn showed disrespect towards Pacquiao during the first round of the fight. Horn was able to land a lot of punches for the first round and Green said his co-Australian boxer won the first part of the fight since Horn was very dominant.

Green added that he was glad Horn did not seem intimidated being in the same ring a Pacquiao because it was what boosted the boxing career of the relatively new boxer, reported.

Green added of Horn’s disrespect towards Pacquiao, “He needed to be a real pig in there and show absolutely no respect, regardless of how great a champion Manny Pacquiao is. You can’t afford to give your opponent respect. Jeff bullied him, he hit him in close and Jeff was still punching when the ref was there trying to break them up.”

Comparing Pacquiao and Horn

Pacquiao’s record is 59 wins, 38 of them are knockouts. He lost seven matches. As for Horn, he won 17 matches, 11 of which are knockouts. He has not lost a game yet.

Thirty-eight-year-old Pacquiao will soon be a Hall of Fame member.

Green says Horn admires Pacquiao

Green revealed that although Horn idolizes and admires Pacquiao so much, the young Australian fighter did not let himself be too starstruck as it could cost him the fight. Green said it was difficult for Horn to be disrespectful towards Pacquiao but if he hesitated and did not show his real skills, he could not have won the fight via unanimous decision.

Green further praised Horn saying that he threw Pacquiao to the ground and even cracked him on the side of the head. He called Horn’s performance “beautiful.

Pacquiao allegedly said Horn played dirty

After the fight, rumors surfaced that Horn played dirty and the one alleging is Pacquiao. Green said the only person to be blamed in case this is true is the referee who did not prevent the supposed “dirty” tricks played by Horn.

Horn, on the other hand, is not letting the criticisms dampen his spirits. The new WBO welterweight champion said he is proud of what he has done and what he has achieved for the country.

Pacquiao’s coach Freddie Roach thinks boxing legend should retire

More on Pacquiao, his coach Freddie Roach said in a recent statement with Yahoo Sports that he thinks the Filipino boxer should retire soon. Roach said that they talked about having a rematch with Horn and that would probably be the last fight for Pacquiao. The coach noted that he is concerned his losses will affect his legacy.

Roach recounted that Pacquiao and Horn’s ninth round was the best as the Filipino boxer was able to land a lot of punches.

However, when Roach asked Pacquiao to do the same for the tenth round, Pacman no longer had the energy to do it and the coach acknowledged the age of the Filipino boxer affected his skills inside the ring. Pacman will turn 39 this December.