Tiger Woods revealed that he completed an intensive program for managing his medications for his back pains and sleeping problems. This came two weeks after he revealed he was set to get a professional help to assist him with the matter.

The golf star took to Twitter to post a photo of a note saying that the private intensive program he attended was outside Florida. He added that he will continue to tackle the matter with the support of his doctors, family, and friends. Woods also said he is thankful for all the support.

Seeking professional help came after arrest

Woods was arrested back in May as it was suspected he was driving under the influence.

When he breathed into the breathalyzer, it was found out that he was not drunk and he later explained that there were complications following the hours after he took his medicines for his Back Pain and sleep problems. He took a total of four prescription pain medications and two were identified as Vicodin and Xanax. He was found asleep in his car when he was arrested.

The arrest of Woods came almost a month after his last back surgery in April. The 14-time champion underwent the surgery for relief and it was his fourth surgery in a span of three years. Woods said the latest surgery made him feel more relief than the previous surgeries.

The first surgery of Woods was on March 31, 2014. and the second was in September 2015.

The third was in October or November 2015.

Championship drought due to back pains

There have been many issues that plagued Woods preventing him from competing in golf tournaments but the most frequent reason is his back pains. He won a game back in 2013 and only appeared in three golf-related events back in 2016.

This year, he competed at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic.

He played only for a day and withdrew from the competition due to his back problems.

The agent of Woods, Mark Steinberg, said in a statement back in June that Woods has been dealing with so much pain physically and because of his condition, insomnia and other sleep issues are also faced by the athlete, ESPN reported. Steinberg was not too positive about the condition of Woods saying that they do not know what will happen in the future despite Woods’ claim that he has felt more relief in his latest surgery.

Woods is also reportedly hopeful that he will play once again and win championships. Details about his future plans have not been made public yet. It is unclear when he hopes to get back in the course.