Tennis star Venus Williams attended a press conference after she won a match at Wimbledon. One of the questions thrown at her pertained to the fatal Car Crash that killed an elderly man making the athlete break down in tears. Williams said of the accident she was involved in that there are no words to describe how she feels and how devastating the situation is. She added she is completely speechless over the matter. Williams stepped out of the conference for a few minutes after the emotional response to the question regarding the crash. When she came back, Williams said she would only entertain questions related to tennis.

Police find Williams at fault days before Wimbledon match

Police announced that after their investigation, they found out that Williams is at fault in the fatal crash. This came days before she flew to Wimbledon for her match against Elise Martens of Belgium.

Police from Palm Beach Gardens in Florida said that Williams violated the right of way of the other driver. They were at an intersection and Williams was trying to get across while the traffic light was still green. However, the light turned red and she was no longer able to stop the car as she was in the middle of the intersection. That was when the other vehicle crashed into the car that Williams was driving.

Other involved party speaks about the incident

The driver of the other vehicle was identified as 68-year-old Lisa Barson. She was with her husband, 78-year-old Jerome Barson when the crash happened. Lisa told investigators that she went ahead and drove in the intersection as it was a green light for her lane. She noted that Williams cut in front of her.

This resulted in the death of Jerome. Jerome was still taken to the hospital but died two weeks later. He suffered a head injury, Huffington Post shared.

Venus Williams not yet charged

The tennis star has not been cited or charged yet.

Police also cleared that although she was at fault in the incident, there is no proof that she was under the influence while driving. She also had no gadget on her that might have distracted her at the time of the crash. She was traveling at 5 mph when she entered the intersection, E! News reported.

Williams also took to Facebook to talk about the incident. Like what she said during the press conference, she wrote on her social media account that she is devastated and heartbroken over the incident. She expressed her condolences to the family and friends of Jerome.