Jimmy Butler has found himself a topic within the ongoing NBA trade rumors. Basically, he is believed to be involved in a trading process that should take place during the free agency. While none of these have been officially confirmed by either the superstar or the Chicago Bulls, fans of the sport are looking forward to every development there is.

Jimmy Butler was first rumored to be traded to the Boston Celtics, though many doubt the possibility. Apparently, though, the team’s front office is willing to do whatever it takes to sign the shooting guard.

Of course, they are not the only team interested in acquiring the player. While any of these trades can be a win-win situation for Jimmy, his Chicago Bulls will without a doubt be in a tough situation.

Why trading the player is a bad idea

Still, at the end of the day, it is up to the Bulls’ front office to make a stop at these NBA trade rumors. It is also up to them to sign the superstar another contract, allowing him to say in Chicago. However, if they choose to do it the other way around, they are definitely in for a huge problem. This goes without saying that the past few years have already been a rollercoaster ride for the organization.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny the fact that Jimmy Butler has somehow become a franchise player in the Chicago Bulls.

He has an 18-win contribution, allowing his team to progress better in the league. They even ended with a record of 41-41, something that they can be proud of at least. Sure, Dwayne Wade’s presence can be felt, but he is past his prime. If there is a player who can take the team on his shoulder, it is no other than Butler.

Jimmy’s numbers so far

Jimmy Butler went to become a superstar in the league following the dramatic downfall of Derrick Rose. The latter suffered an injury that almost killed his entire career. His absence, unfortunately, cost the Chicago Bulls a spot at winning championships. Fortunately, Butler was there to at least stop the bleeding.

He went to become the team’s go-to-guy, making three points and dumping clutch shots. If there is a reliable free throw shooter in the Bulls, it is no other than him. This goes without saying that he can take those contacts and even shot the ball accordingly.

There is no doubt that as far as the Chicago Bulls is concerned, Jimmy Butler is the most improved player in the team. His skills and capabilities are even worthy of a shot at the finals. However, he cannot do this alone and thus the front office might want to focus on this. So instead of letting him go, it is best to build talent around him. Wade, in particular, could still be influential on the floor, along with Rajon Rondo’s help. If this happens, there is definitely a great chance that the Bulls can become a title-contender in the next season.