Things happen when a person least expects it, especially in a UFC fight. From a UFC fight breakdown to a high profile retirement announcement, things can happen in a blink of an eye. That is exactly what happened with the recently undefeated UFC Fighter Justine Kish during her memorable fight with Felice Herrig.

According to New York Daily News, the 29-year-old fighter tried to survive the third-round deep choke of Herrig during the fight on the main card of UFC Oklahoma City. Kish's move even impressed Dominic Cruz, who raved about her while seated in the commentary booth.

The former champion was impressed with her tough and explosive attitude while trying to escape from the finishing move of her opponent.

Even if Justine Kish escaped from the submission, she was still in a bad position against Herrig. When the fight reached Round 3, she tried to get out of the bad spot and exploded out of the rear-naked choke of Herrig. Unfortunately for Kish, things got worse and the attempt to escape blew right into her face. When she was put in another submission, it made her bowels explode in the ring too.

Herrig clearly dominated the fight. The match ended with Kish losing her undefeated streak via a unanimous decision. All three judges scored in favor of Herrig because of her outstanding techniques and performance in the ring.

Facing the aftermath of the incident

Instead of feeling embarrassed about the situation, the 29-year-old fighter laughed about it on Twitter. Justine Kish shrugged off the whole incident. The previously undefeated fighter in the octagon stated that she will soon redeem herself in her next match. With what happened, she will surely wipe off the tough loss she experienced.

Other fighters such as Tatiana Suarez and Chas Skelly voiced out their support for the female fighter. They retweeted her post and expressed their admiration for the fighter.

Not the first incident

According to Big John McCarthy's recent Tweet, if a fighter accidentally defecates while in a match, there will be no chances of timeout or cleaning.

Per the UFC referee, if a fighter Lost Control of his bladder, it will be an automatic TKO. Kish is not the very first fighter to experience this. Travis Wolford, during his match with Daniel Cooper in 2014, lost control of his bowel and defecated in the middle of the fight too.

Justine Kish is commended for putting up a good fight for three rounds. The UFC fighter withstood Herrig's assault and did not tap out.