When the Nebraska football team kicks off its 2017 season, it's likely that either Tanner Lee or Patrick Witt will be starting at quarterback -- two players, who both spent the 2016 season watching, waiting, and learning the offense. Lee especially has already seen action at quarterback for the Tulane Green Wave before he transferred to Lincoln. Still, Husker fans all over the country are going to be mistaken if they overlook the arrival of tristan gebbia.

The overlooked player

Tristan Gebbia is the jewel of the 2017 recruiting class for the Nebraska football team, but he hasn't been getting a ton of attention lately because he's been a commit for so long.

In short, one of the best quarterbacks in the class has been overlooked a couple of times. That's surprising considering just how good a season he had this past year. We all know he had a good season, but many Husker fans likely don't know just how good it actually was. The four year starter completed a whopping 70 percent of his passes this year. If that wasn't impressive enough, he threw for 5,338 yards and 61 touchdowns. Those numbers aren't his career numbers, they're what he did this season.

Can Gebbia lead the Huskers?

It's no wonder the Nebraska football coaches are quite excited to have this young man in the fold. It's also no wonder that they were fine not even really going after another quarterback once they had him.

The big question is whether or not he'll even be given the opportunity to compete for the starting job. Patrick Witt wasn't really given the opportunity to compete for the starting job when he was a freshman, mainly because Tommy Armstrong was a fifth-year senior who had quite a bit of starting experience under his belt.

The situation is a bit different this time around considering Tanner Lee has experience but not at Nebraska. Gebbia seems to be one who could step on the field and really give both players a run for their money. The nebraska football team's practices come fall will be interesting to watch.