Jimmy Butler was one of the top trade targets as many teams are trying to trade for him. The 27-year old swingman was nearly signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers as they were favorites to land him due to their incredible roster, but the Phoenix Suns and the Minnesota Timberwolves were also interested in Butler's services. At the end, the Timberwolves traded for the superstar, improving their roster and becoming one of the best teams in the West.

Taking the situation in Chicago in account, it is not hard to see why Butler wanted to play for another team.

The Bulls have dealt with a lot of problems recently and team's front office isn't helping at all. With Butler gone, will Dwyane Wade also leave and go back to the Miami Heat? Chicago wants to let Wade go, but he will receive much less money than he was supposed to receive.

Why would Wade leave Chicago?

Before joining the Chicago Bulls last summer, Dwyane Wade had spent 13 years playing for the Miami Heat. He won three championships in South Beach, but couldn't come to terms with team's management last season, which made him leave for his hometown.

However, with Jimmy Butler's departure, Wade will most likely become the first option on the team and it's questionable if he could do a good job.

While he's still a great player, Dwyane Wade will turn 36 next season and his long history of injuries will make it harder for him to play well. Wade dealt with injuries last season as well, and he was forced to miss 22 games because of them.

Wade's potential return to Miami

Miami Heat are able to give Dwyane Wade a big contract this summer as they cleared Chris Bosh's salary off the books.

The Heat will have almost $35 million in cap space, which is more than enough to reward Wade with a well-deserved lucrative contract.

If the Heat fail to sign a big-name free agent this offseason and Wade gets bought out, there is no reason why they shouldn't reunite. With Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside leading the way, Wade wouldn't have to be the first option, yet he could help the team tremendously, whether it's on or off the court.

John Paxson, Chicago Bulls vice president, said that if Wade wants out, he will have to give back a chunk of his guaranteed salary for the next year. This means that the Bulls are willing to buy Wade's contract out, but he won't receive much money for it.

Heat fans want Dwyane Wade back and it just wouldn't be right if he doesn't retire as a member of the Miami Heat. Jimmy Butler's departure could easily make Wade go back to where he started his career, so the fans might get what they want.